No smiles

He receives no smiles, hugs, kisses, or laughs.

Frowns and bewilderment, never happy.

It seeps into his pores, makes him question.

Why does no one treat me like a human?

Is it too much for my life to be full?

Surrounded by people foreign to him.

Like piles of stones to bury the man.

Crushed under the weight of disappointment.

Some aves are free to migrate elsewhere.

So where goes the dove with a broken wing?

The duck slimy with oil. It can’t fly.

It suffers on earth like purgatory.

Who cares if other dreams may become true?

Fantasies and illusions. Clouds of smoke.

They cause him to hurt, but he can’t fight back.

Writhing in the pain inside of his mind.

Convulsing and shivering. World so cold.

Frozen Stuffed Panda Bear - Salisbury Beach

Frozen Stuffed Panda Bear – Salisbury Beach (Photo credit: pag2525)

Child abandoned to die on its own.

Lying in a heap, hidden in the trash.

Someone come save him. His cries are unheard.

Suffering that brings no death, no release.

Cruel solemnity of acceptance now.

A broken, shattered man, losing his heart.

The pieces swept away, under the rug.

Leave them there for now. Nobody will come.


The Alien

Conversations and giggles. Bourgeois life.

While people starve and struggle every day.

Some can forget when they haven’t seen eyes.

Tears that glisten hopes and prayers for new days.

Immediate circles alienate.


Close them out when conditions are not met.

Subjects unfamiliar, paths never crossed.

Isolated and empty. One more dies.

Nothing to share when there’s nothing compared.

Alone and outside. Shivering with cold.

Stand by the fire and drink your aged wine.

Chatter and gossip of things that you know.

Everyone else is other. No family.

A solo child. Enchanted circle.

The witches would burn us all at the stake.

Never involved. Only for the lucky.

False serenity. The tidal waves crash.

Destroy the world while only you remain.

Ashes to dust and beyond that is death.

Angels may scream when your lives are left.

Horrid creatures, no somber or sorrow.

Lest the circle may break, live tomorrow.

Self-sustained alien creatures of might.

Nobody will know when you’ve gone away.

Mop up the puddles. Our people’s remains.

The Monster

angry mob

She looks at him, looks away. Disgusted.

That feeds the monster. Makes him grow angry.

Look him in the eyes. Maybe there is more.

Window overlooking the horizon.

She will never know. Not even one chance.

The monster grows weary. Tired of games.

Look down, fake a smile, but don’t dismiss.

No student from class. This is punishment.

The monster gets no relief from his home.

The people, the comfort others offer.

The monster broods because he cannot breed.

There are no others like him that still live.

So the townspeople chase him with their eyes.

Solitude is confinement. Let him out.

Explore the world and not be chased away.

Too late for that. His heart shrinks every time.

Overwhelms the monster with his small brain.

Face turns to fire. The torture remains.

Like a scar that doesn’t leave, but festers.

The fire consumes, destroys his nothing.

Flames fill his vision, smoke inhaled. Choking.

Searing lungs just wanting to be released.

To cry for help, but there is nobody.

The sea comes to wash away destruction.

The waves crush him. He is drowning and dies.