Sea of Pain

Sea of pain, the jellyfish are stinging.

Penetrating my skin with their poison.

Excruciating pain, convulse and writhe.

Slow acceptance of death soon to arrive.

I am surrounded. There is no escape.

Gasping for air, my lungs fill with water.

As they drag me deeper to depths they’ve found.

An 1856 illustration depicting Lophius america...

I am sinking. I can no longer swim.

Drowning in a sea of pain, I’m denied.

There is no tide to return me to shore.

There is no time, nothing I can give more.

The surface disappears into darkness.

Murky waters chill my bones as we dive.

Deeper and deeper, away from all help.

Personal hell, made by the Sea of Pain.

Hidden deeper, other men lost to waves.

Tossed overboard to the unforgiving.

Treacherously defiled, torn to shreds.

Smacked by the spray, unconscious removes fear.

Creatures with no honor. Survive or die.

Brains drive the feeding without their conscience.

No thoughts needed to envelop you whole.

Vicious landscape, breeding for life and death.

Taste of salt water has a scent of self.

Stinging your wounds, sea of pain destroys health.



Supersonic moments, shortage of time.

Yesteryear has gone, and our lives have changed.

Today is fleeting, too, vanishing fast.

Tomorrow approaches so rapidly.

I hang on to memories, won’t let go.

Until they’ve forgotten me, or time stops.

Everlasting, eternal, can’t go back.

Nothing the same, nothing is sane, new world.

Replaced by now, every moment too soon.

Existence replaces reality.

Transcending the presence of our control.

Helpless to stop the wheel, the hands that turn.

Eternity there, realized only then.

The unaided prison break, great escape.

Butterfly nets that can’t capture release.

Open palms face up, fluttering and gone.

The future comes like highway underneath.

Fast train

Fast train (Photo credit: Sander van der Wel)

No speed limit, passing fast by the laws.

Riding the curves, hoping the tunnel ends.

Not so abrupt, because we can’t slow down.

Face hits the pavement, skids piles of skin.

Wake up, world spinning, shouldn’t have stopped.

Momentum won’t return, won’t heal the scars.

Afraid and unworthy to continue.

Brush it off, look around, we’ve escaped hell.

The Creature

Don’t touch the creature, he must be filthy.

A screenshot from the film Creature from the H...

Don’t try to reach out your hand. He will bite.

Throw him in a cage and be done with him.

Hang a sign that says, “Do not pet or feed.”

Isolation. A deadly punishment.

Inhumane treatment. Worse than animals.

Ignore each other. Tend dogs who eat shit.

More valued than the company of man.

Boundaries observed, brotherhood broken.

The cat lady who has more cats than friends.

Human preference lost outside her house.

Bubbles of protection from the disease.

Spreading, contagious, eats our insides out.

It allows none to come any closer.

Fiending, worrisome, who could harm us next?

Paranoid solution. This is not man.

Nature teaches but nurture has changed us.

Flushing us down with the frogs and the fish.

Sunk below, we are trampled underfoot.

Apathy replaces indifference.

Is it true that no one cares anymore?

A pile of quicksand, an outstretched hand.

Nobody hears the man who is drowning.

His screams are murmured by television.

Entertainment to distract us from truth.

Silent and unheard

Silent and unheard, the voice of my soul.

Weak and timid, can’t change the world like that.

Old, Weak and Pregnant

Old, Weak and Pregnant (Photo credit: Kees & Sarah)

Nobody speaks because nobody cares.

Exclusive events, no room for the whole.

Locked outside, so the screams cannot be heard.

Lack of care, lack of might. Close your eyes. Fright.

Alone and trembling, heart turns to stone.

Bring the terror when patience doesn’t last.

A lesson learned. Uneducated mind.

Cause and effect, and none to see the tie.

Let go of philosophy. Mourn his death.

Salvation attempted. A martyr scorned.

Protected unimportant, suffer, too.

Nowhere left to roam, influenced by storms.

Madness and destruction. The end is near.

Closer than you think. Burn your calendars.

Smiling and happy, wipe it off your face.

Murder done, favor won, burden lifted.

Till the fields until you remember us.

Broken backs made strong. Hand grips your throat now.

Choking for life undeserved at your best.

The cows come home, but the children are gone.

Still no end in sight, eyes searing with pain.

Crimes forgotten, but committed the same.

Nobody close pushes you off the ledge.