First World Problems


The state of peace among men living side by side is not the natural state (status naturalis); the natural state is one of war. This does not always mean open hostilities, but at least an unceasing threat of war. Peace is an unnatural state sought by the status quo in order that they may continue to exploit the class attempting to wage war in opposition. Attempts to eliminate and demonize any form of class struggle are ways for the status quo to ensure their stranglehold on the world. Despite the humanistic appeal of peace, it aids exploitation.


The prevention of revolutionary struggle and the ability of exploited classes of laborers to change their own conditions of living is further hindered by worldwide disarmament, leaving weapons in the hands of the exploitive class alone. The defenselessness and helplessness of individuals not permitted to protect themselves from the exploitive class is just as cruel a fate as throwing them into the lion’s den. Unable to defend themselves, they become easily exploited and must succumb to or join the bourgeoisie in order that their interests are protected by any militaristic might. The bourgeoisie own the means of defense now, too.


The bourgeois media has played a significant role in downplaying the necessity of change evidenced by class struggle, often disregarding it as meaningless terrorism that targets the innocent rather than the guilty. In fact, terrorism is a form of class struggle prevalent today that seeks to change the lives of the impoverished through strategic political goals and violence of action designed to garner support and incite struggle against the ruling classes around the world. Characterizing terrorist activity as a form of insanity, or dismissing the political goals of these groups and individuals is ignoring a very audible call to arms and a sign of the culminating events of class struggle.

Electoral Assistance.

Elections are a form of bourgeois reforms designed to appease the class struggle against the ruling class. Participating in elections is a way for the exploited class to become participants in the struggle for the bourgeoisie by circumventing their ability to conduct revolutionary actions against the bourgeoisie instead. Oversight of elections, then, is a way to even more certainly ensure that no official is elected unchallenged that could become a mouthpiece for the oppressed while in a position of power. The bourgeoisie may welcome the swelling of their ranks to help fend off the class struggle, but understand it could be dangerous inviting the ‘lesser classes’ into their community.


By encouraging the propagation of splinter groups the bourgeoisie seeks to find new classes with bourgeois inclinations that may join their struggle to maintain their grip on the world’s economic pastures. Promoting decolonization with bourgeois interests in mind creates a new internal class struggle within a decolonized nation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The victory of the bourgeoisie in such a country then serves as another force that can fight to continue the exploitation of the rest of the world. Bourgeois appeal exists everywhere, because it is a reality anywhere that there may be the capability for exploitation.

Children and Armed Conflict.

As much as our own humanistic ideals would like to preclude the idea of children participating in armed conflict as soldiers, our shared reality tells quite a different tale. The reason why child soldiers exist in certain areas of the world is that the class struggle has become so severe that every human being is involved in it. If the bourgeoisie would allow for even some reforms as an alternate means of attaining wealth as a member of the exploiting class, we would not see the tipping point of class struggle in the form of child soldiers.

Women, Peace and Security.

Another humanistic appeal to the question of revolutionary struggle is the participation of the other preferred non-combatant, women. The truth is, women have become exploited by the very same owners of the means of production that exploit their male counterparts. Women are often exploited in very much the same way, and sometimes in ways unique to their gender, but they are still exploited just as much as men. The bourgeoisie seek to claim them as non-combatants for the sake of significantly reducing the participants in revolutionary struggle in order to maintain their social positions and hierarchy.

Mine Action.

The removal of mines is another bourgeois method of attempting to erase historical class struggles that have either been neutralized or appeased temporarily. Again appealing to humanistic tendencies, the bourgeoisie insist that the struggles are over, that they have triumphed in the class struggle for the good of the bourgeoisie, that there is no further need for revolution. But revolution is permanent, a burning desire that will always be prevalent, whether as a flickering flame or a firestorm seeking to burn down the institutions of exploitation. Class struggle is continuous, unrelenting until the day exploitation is defeated and humans are able to share the abundant wealth of the world.

Sport for Development and Peace.

In this world of struggle between classes of people both exploited and privileged, sport becomes a microcosm. First, the bourgeoisie invest in sports as a means of entertainment, attempting to occupy the masses and giving them an escape intended to replace the struggle against exploitation. The proletariat does indeed enjoy sports, but from a much different perspective. They see in sports a microcosm for the necessity of collectivism yet while maintaining individual competition. While the bourgeoisie often praise competition as the evidence to validate individual exploitation, they often overlook or ignore the necessity of the collective. Occasionally these forces meet as a showing between differing ideologies.

Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

Capitalism is a system of exploitation. Its prevalence is the quiet consent of exploitation’s permeation throughout society. In effect, capitalism’s existence serves to encourage exploitation as the primary means for ensuring a positive quality of life and ignoring whatever may impinge upon others. Sexual exploitation and abuse will continue so long as a system of exploitation exists to validate it. We can create laws and attempt to curb it, but as long as the system maintains exploitation as a viable means for self-progression, the root of the problem will always outgrow efforts against it.

Organized Crime.

The criminal elements of our society will also continue to exist so long as exploitation is maintained as economically legitimate. In fact, the system of exploitation reacts to the growth of crime by creating new exploitive opportunities to prevent crime. Thus, organized crime benefits from their own business practices, but the legal system is able to exploit the criminals for their own benefit. Limitless jobs have been created to counter criminal efforts, yet none will ever strike at the root of the problem. If there were no criminals, we would have less of a need for police, judges, and other elements of law. They rely on crime as self-preservation.

Advancement of Women.

The push for the advancement of women as a minority group is an invention of the bourgeoisie emerging from the factory system as a result of the need for exploited labor. The bourgeoisie sought to ensure women could not be protected and that the factory owners could exploit just as many labor hours from them as they did from men. The push back came in the form of labor laws limiting hours for both sexes. Following the industrial age and the reduction in the need for unskilled labor, there begins to be a push for women’s education and skilled training to allow them to be exploited in other labor markets. Then the suffrage movement comes about as a bourgeois movement to bolster the privileged class, prioritizing women’s right to participate in bourgeois reform while men and women both were still held as slaves. Continued bourgeois ventures pressed for absolute equality not with men as it is often portrayed, but really equality as competing members of the bourgeoisie for the ability to build capital and eventually exploit labor themselves. All the while, the bourgeoisie continue to portray women as disadvantaged bourgeois minorities despite all of their societal privilege.

Countries in Special Situations.

The modern world has been carved up by imperial powers to aid in the exploitation of resources. This causes unique and sometimes dire situations in exploited regions around the world. The fallout resulting from these situations only furthers the imperialist’s ability to exploit the resources and the people in these volatile regions, meaning there is no incentive other than alternate forms of exploitation for an imperialist power or other observer to resolve such conflicts. Apologies mean nothing when a region is manipulated to maintain their state of disarray so that they may be exploited even further.

Governance and Institution Building.

Cover of the 1995 CD-ROM

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Institute are the two major international bourgeois organizations that assist and reward nations implementing reforms indicative of a transition to a bourgeois economy. They aid countries attempting to implement economies based on a bourgeois system of exploitation. When private institutions in a nation are encouraged to exploit the poor without consequences, it serves to change the cultural acceptance of exploitation within that nation. It allows budding capitalists to follow the trail of capital in hopes of accumulating their own and being able to exploit citizens as never before.

International Trade.

International trade, connected with the concept of globalization, is truly the basis of international exploitation. With such an interconnected world, no longer do the bourgeoisie require the resources of entire nations to exploit weaker nations. In this modern era, the accumulation of individual capital is so monstrous that individuals and corporations are now able to own the means of production to exploit whichever region of the world they choose, so long as a capitalist government is there to back the exploits with the threat of a military presence. Now we are able to see a world without its borders.

Macroeconomics and Finance.

There is no invisible hand of the market. Capitalism is volatile, and that is why we see financial ruin and failure sometimes hit the previously most lucrative markets. There is no balance within a capitalist economy. The bourgeoisie exploit the proletariat, accumulating the capital necessary to obtain additional means of production. The capitalists are then able to acquire additional capital and exploit other former capitalists, forcing them to join the proletariat as the exploited class while the minority owning the means of production grows ever more fearsomely powerful. Capital becomes unfairly concentrated among fewer and fewer individuals.


There is, within our shared world, the means to provide acceptable minimum standards of living to the entirety of the seven billion plus living on our planet. However, we have fought for years over the share of those resources required and needed by all. Resources are hoarded by the capitalists so that they may use them for exploitation and the accumulation of capital. No matter how many programs of reform are implemented, no matter how much awareness the world has of our economic disparities, we cannot provide a minimum standard for everyone so long as this system of exploitation exists.

Science, Technology and Productive Sectors.

Despite all of the scientific and technological advances seen in recent years, progress continues to be hindered by the driving force of exploitation. Scientific breakthroughs and technological advances only are funded and occur once there is the ability to exploit it. Regardless of the humanistic need for cures to cancer or digital technologies, the greedy capitalist only seeks progress that can lead to an accumulation of capital. What’s more is that certain things like cures to diseases and other fatal conditions are used to exploit the proletariat and extract capital by monopolization or prevention of advancement.

Social Development.

Humans are becoming increasingly anti-social and alienated from each other as a result not of technology or entertainment, but from the underlying system that relies upon the commodification of the individual for self-progression. Human interactions suffer because the only interface necessary between capitalists is an exchange of commodities. Without authentic interactions, humans begin to see each other only as means to their own accumulation of capital. Whether it is interactions with parents, children, coworkers or complete strangers, each social interaction is treated more like a trip to the market than a genuine expression of feelings toward other individuals.

Sustainable Development, Human Settlements, Energy.

The world is slowly becoming environmentally aware as a result of advances in science and research, as well as activism and education. There have been numerous proposals in recent years for alternatives means of preserving our planet, reducing our destruction and consumption to make this place sustainable well into the future. While some nations have adopted protocols to this effect, many others have downright ignored or even denied environmental concerns despite the evidence available. This is because conservation is at odds with the current methods of resource distribution and exploitation. There isn’t incentive to save Earth.


The use of genocide as a tactic is a solution grown from dire economic circumstances. The prevention of such economic circumstances is the primary method to avoid genocide against any group of people in the future. In the past, capitalism’s vices have been misunderstood to be cultural practices absorbed by certain groups of people. This, of course, is a misunderstanding and wrongfully attributes characteristics to groups who identify as other than capitalists. Educating the uninformed about the inherent evils of this economic system will serve to teach class struggle in order to avoid senseless discrimination based on non-binding factors.

Indigenous People.

Capitalism has exploited indigenous people throughout history, even to the point of near extinction in the United States of America. Perhaps not so ironically many of these indigenous communities were collectivist in nature and where defeated had often failed to adopt methods of exploitation to maintain competitiveness in the transition to a capitalist society. Exploitation by those who already own the means of production may seem simple enough, but is an alien concept to a collectivist society that seeks the welfare of the whole rather than the progression of the individual. Lessons can be learned from these early collectivists.

Human Trafficking.

As cruel as it may seem, human trafficking cannot be characterized much differently from other exploitive acts for financial gain. Though it may be the least humanistic of all exploits, it has its roots in capitalism just as any other path to exploitation. Human trafficking was an ancient innovation that enabled for the exploitation of disadvantaged humans in exchange for the accumulation of capital for the individual that possessed the means, desire and prowess to exploit another human being. These exploitive individuals do not conduct their operations solo, no. There is also a market that enables them to accumulate capital from the illegal trafficking of their fellow human beings.

Human Security.

Individual rights is a bourgeois concept that promotes the commodification of the individual and neglects the importance of the well-being of the whole of society. The importance of the individual trumps that of the collective good in a capitalist society. What benefits the individual unfortunately does not often benefit the rest of society. The collective whole is what matters in the long-term and the big picture of it all. When a society insists on promoting the individual, it loses sight of the need to benefit all of society. Remnants are neglected, ignored or deprived of their basic needs.

Impact of Sanctions.

Economic sanctions are cruel and accepted methods of exploitation by capitalist nations, often in response to an opposing nation’s lack of commitment or acquiescence to capitalist modes of production. It punishes the people, taking away some of their basic needs as well as their means to enjoy a certain quality of life. It presses their national economy into the mud, forcing them to adopt other methods to rise again which the capitalists may disapprove of as well. It serves no other purpose other than for the status quo to maintain the dominance of their power and ideology by punishing millions of innocent lives who have committed no crimes.

Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict.

The bourgeoisie seek to reduce the fighting force capabilities of the proletariat by appealing to humanistic nature and declaring non-combatants by ranks of civilians, women and children. The truth is, proletarian struggle is entirely in their interest, and they must be permitted to participate in the class struggle in order for the proletariat to effectively rise against the bourgeoisie and change their world for the better. The bourgeois media play a large role in demonizing the combat of non-military forces because the media is a collaborator with the bourgeoisie to maintain their own positions.

Codification and Progressive Development of International Law.

First, international law is codified based on a bourgeois perspective that is reactionary and disciplinary. It prefers the freedom of exploitation over circumvention of crimes and sees rehabilitation as a wasted investment that does not return capital gain nearly as well as prisoner workmanship. Second, international law is established by the status quo to punish non-adherents of their bourgeois philosophies, most namely but among many others, the preservation of the individual. Trials are held to persecute the non-compliant anti-capitalists as well as anyone else who may not hold the same worldview as the bourgeoisie.


Treaties are means of exploitation created by bourgeois nation-states in order to enable legitimized exploitation of other nation-states. Bourgeois concepts like free trade or weapons proliferation agreements allow state capitalists to exploit any nation with justification from such agreements, whether the exploited nation is party to the agreement or not. This is how the international bourgeoisie impose upon and coerce other nations in order for them to maintain their power and exploitive economic might. With support from their bourgeois brethren in the international community, capitalists are given legitimized free rein to rule the world for their own interests alone.


Fairy Tale

Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt...

Why is my princess locked in a castle?

In a land of make-believe, far away?

Did I do something wrong, or was it her?

Why do you punish me? I’d rather die.

The executioner won’t come to me.

If she’d only let down her hair, I’d climb.

Over every mountain I couldn’t move.

But someone has already decided.

Our fate should be together, but it’s not.

Such a cruel man rules the ways of the world.

She left me a slipper, a sign of hope.

I thought I saw a glimmer. Interest.

She changes like the tides, and then I drown.

She let me be forgotten. No charges.

What was my crime? What wrong did I commit?

I made myself better, stronger, more fit.

A leader of sorts, with men that follow.

Smarter yet too, this knowledge of nothing.

They answer no questions that I have found.

Nothing I do makes her swoon anymore.

What could win her over? A flower’s smell.

She’s not a prize to be won, but I’ll try.

A magic carpet ride? But I have none.

Maybe a kiss would transfer the magic.

From a frog, yes, but without bad habits.

So beautiful. With her I’d rule the world.

But she comes and goes. Leaves my life at times.

Infatuation becomes my heartbreak.

I cry, and wonder when I’ll be the prince.

Or her knight in armor, the kingdom ours.

How does my fairy tale begin or end?

I opened the book. The pages are blank.

No thoughts or ideas. Just wait for the world.

May you find yours, and some happiness, too.

I’ll just wish upon a star when she smiles.

The color of her hair, it matters not.

Nor the color of her eyes, once I’m caught.

A fish in a barrel, a shot not fired.

Nights alone without a friend or marriage.

The honeymoon is gone, and my ears ring.

Thinking about her, and who she might be.

A model, perhaps? Stop watching TV.

A skewed perspective, but one that matters.

Expectations held must not be let go.

Settle for nothing now, and it will pain.

Where is my darling? Playing in the rain?

Does she have food and shelter? Feels no pain?

Or has the world abandoned her to die?

One day I’ll find her I know she’s lost.

I’ll bring her salvation. I’ll give my life.

She looks at me with confusion. Why that?

Such a steep price to pay. I’ve done nothing.

Expressions of the heart are tried and true.

There’s nothing sensible in what we do.

Thanks for your concern, but I claim my path.

I took the fork because I don’t like spoons.

Gilded, in their mouths. Undeserving souls.

That is why I chose the woman without.

She loves me unconditional. Needs me.

And I need her, too. An equal exchange.

No profits to be made, according to our own.

Just business and pleasure, which I condone.

My heart bleeds for her, yet I feel no pain.

She has been freed, and our kingdom now reigns.

I fulfilled my promise. Now my tale ends.

Wide Asleep, Fast Awake

I have information to slay the beast.

I know the weaknesses so we can win.

I would lead an army, but none follow.

So I submit to you only ideas.

With conviction I write. It can be beat.

But we have to fight, united as one.

Send the ships from the harbor to invade.

Attack from the bay and along the coast.

Cross the border, across fences, highways.

Don’t forget the West, the island and north.

Return them to others and ask to join.

Take the republics that did not secede.

And the peninsula que no habla.

Revenge for invasion, one of many.

Stolen governments, outlawed their progress.

Fear those who were lost, they are still bitter.

Stolen presidents and sometimes replaced.

Unwanted but forced, that is enemy.

Engage the slaves who have not yet been freed.

Papered integration is not believed.

And to disrespect the men who brought them.

Allah is mighty, you have invoked wrath.

Give them diseases, they cannot withstand.

The system that deprives leads them to path.

Last but not least, remember boundaries.

But I seem to have forgotten the truth.

Not invincible, undeniable.

Since for the future the beast has prepared.

Dismantled our legions so we can’t fight.

So I must take the alternative path.

Spoken secrets into listening ears.

The bridge again burns beneath my footsteps.

The atomic wars ended in the past.

Where do I fight when the future is now?

When all the natives are perpetrators.

I am different, stuck in the present past.

Seeking victory that is not in hand.

Who would battle and rumble with the beast?

Alone. There is not a contender left.

I must right the wrongs, but what can I give?

Somebody must want some help. How to win…

Not good enough. A coward, in effect.

Yet I will continue searching, until…

The end must come, but mine not so quickly.

Fervent, staunch, embrace the ways that once were.

Outstretched hands grasping empty space. I fall.

I cannot be from a world that’s not mine.

No tongue or words to speak, maybe in time.

The path is not rewarded. All have failed.

Who can hear the screams of a searching man?

Mother / An Apology

Mom, I’m sorry that I’m not as cute as a baby, that I don’t make people smile when I giggle or reach my hands up so a stranger can hold me. I no longer crawl on the lawn, stopping to contemplate curious fistfuls of grass, and my little sun hat no longer provides my delicate head any protection from the sun.

I didn’t eat my vegetables like you told me to, and my skinned knees took longer to heal despite careful application of ointments and colorful band-aids. And when I got older my wiry frame never could build the muscles I needed to carry you through life and handle the weight of the world on my shoulders.

My Spider-Man pajamas that used to allow me to jump around slinging my web, taking out the monsters under YOUR bed, they don’t fit me anymore. Now I can’t save your world one happy day at a time because my superhero costume doesn’t fit, and I can’t wipe away your tears no matter how hard I try.

I’m sorry that I was mean to the other kids, bullied them around with threats, guns and intimidation. I really shouldn’t have cut off their hands as my act of vengeance against the other kids and the cruelty of the world. You taught me altruism, but I ignored it because I saw the world, and it stole what was mine.

I shouldn’t have dropped out of school, just because the starry sky was so bright. Thousands of stars peppered across a vast blackness, constellations clear and representing those immortal figures we can only hope to become. But I didn’t notice how so many were shooting stars, falling, never to shine again.

And because of that, I didn’t become a doctor or a lawyer like everybody’s supposed to for success in life. I struggled to survive in a world from that felt so selfishly cruel in efforts to move ahead in life. I felt no need to reap profits, to steal from others. So my fate was sown with seeds of despair until I could win.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide you what you with your basic needs, that I allowed the generator to go out and leave us freezing on cold nights, and I never cleaned the outhouse to stave all of that putrid from spreading diseases to us. I should have swept our dirt floor, and collected more firewood for you.

I was pressured by circumstance to join the Army, to become a soldier, because that is how people must live in our society, the only way they can survive. War is dangerous, but a time comes when you must choose sides in order to win the ferocious struggle of selfish competition. Dangerous too is complacency.

I become alienated in time, nothing more than a laborer for the profiteers. When I used to enjoy work, finding fulfillment in my daily accomplishments, I came to hate it. I avoided work whenever I could, just wanting to escape from the misery it became. I had to retire before I succumbed to greed as its slave.

I tried to rise up, become a leader, a successful instigator of wide-reaching changes. So rare are such people that everyone surely must find the urge to at least try to overcome the impossible. I’m sorry that I failed that, too. Do you know what it’s like to challenge the status quo? Like taking on the whole world.

I’m sorry that I stopped visiting you later in life, sorry that my time became so consumed with other things. You even thought I had forgotten you when you needed me most in your lonesome old age. I’ve been trying to make life better, trying to make the world a better place. The truth is I don’t know how.

I will likely leave this world without carrying on our family name. What women wants a man who is too busy, and what man would give up you and the world for a single woman? You have no grandchildren to play with and relive the wonderful moments of youth, because I’m trying my best to make a difference.

But the bad guys are winning, mom, just like they always do. I don’t know how much longer I can stand it. I can’t even call myself a fighter. I have failed you along with the rest of the world. All sorts of empty promises left unfulfilled because I’m just not good enough. All I wanted has culminated into nothingness.


The History of the World: Ally Betrayed

Omar Torrijos Mausoleum in Amador, Panama City... He was the beast’s. Trained, compliant and complicit. It taught him to steal, so that when it set him free, he would steal for the beast. His job was to betray his own people, in order to feed the beast that had taught him its ways. He was to be an asset, an ally, less than a brother, almost a friend. But he was his own man, with goals and aspirations independent of his suitor’s. He sought power that could quell the beast’s hunger and satiate his own. He was defiant. He sought to make that well, and drew sword to battle with leeches the beast sent. But then the beast sent more. Angered, the freeman fought the leeches again. Through these trying years, his temperament boiled for the beast. He embraced his brothers that the beast sought to rape, and he became a man of the people, united against the beast. Everyone has heroes, and his was a man who spoke to the beast, who attempted to soothe it with words. But such beasts cannot be tamed so, hunger of fire. The beast stole his hero with an appetite unsuppressed. Consumed him for anger, and a fear that the words would spread. Without a hero, he now had to become his own, for the people. Then the beast sent forth his own jewelled and masqued persuaders, those proprietors of prosperity who put out their hands and demanded all wealth. But he would not have it. For as many minions as the beast parted to grow its influence, that same strength grows in him to counter. Gods, kings and generals who would shape the world to their likings. And just as those before him, he would allow himself unseated for the better, tragic as that fate becomes. But he was still the hero of the people, and least in temporary. And others would recognize his feats, some peers that sought allies, and others in praise. Brothers in arms we find in some, and should we unite, only then can the beast be destroyed. But the beast accused him of filth, of treachery, for now it was starting to realize the danger of such a well-trained power. He could defeat the beast, given the chance. But he sought to prove that the people loved him more. Once more, he allowed for opportunities of insubordination and usurpation, but the momentum never gathered, and his elected post was upheld by the people. He was their hero, despite the lies of the beast, there he remained, defiant to the thing that sought to use him. But the beast lacked caring, consideration, and most of all patience. The beast’s hunger raged, wanting to consume the entire world. But at times heroes stand in the way. So the beast attacks them first, for the others remain bystanders in its wake. And once the beast sinks its claws and fangs into the hero’s neck, it is done. The hero gives up. Too often, the beast is too powerful. It overwhelms the most tenacious of fighters with power accumulated and amassed from conquests past. And once the hero is slain, the beast drains power from his people, taking until nothing is left, not even the will to fight. And it takes time, and circumstances, for heroes to develop again. The hero is consumed by the beast. He is alive but changed, imprisoned in chains, inside the beast. He can defy it no longer. Slowly he becomes meek and timid. Such strange helplessness feelings produce. He is no longer one with the masses, but one of a few. Without him, they will carry on, but he not for long. And if the beast shall relieve himself, if the hero is emptied from its bowels, he will not be freed. For the lesser beasts, the ones that deem themselves of a secondary power, will feast on the feces of the beast, and imprison the hero once more. His purpose defeated, the hero is no longer able to fight, has lost his will and his way. The hero rose, and then the hero fell, with the hope his glory and grace came to a head and were not unbalanced in the end. The hero’s battle with the beast awoke his people, and now they are aware. His task is complete, at quite the cost to himself. Now his people know, yet still lack the ability to fight the beast.