Speed of Sound

The speed of sound. Negative travels fast.

Rumors come quicker than viable truths.


Gossip (Photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi)

They’ll come without warning. Wall of bricks.

Crashing down all around you, deafening.

Did you read the writing? You should have known.

Twitching, convulsing, flashback explosions.

Arrival unseen, unpredictable.

Yet there always comes a warning before.

A hint of the terror you will suffer.

Intuition. Something doesn’t seem right.

If you live your life like you feel normal.

Stay afraid to face the unthinkable.

The time will come when forgiveness is naught.

So many questions, the answers unheard.

Welling tears are the only thing you hear.

Finger snap, thunder-clap, instantly changed.

The speed of sound, the flash of an image.

The first is quick, the second, permanent.

Travels through the barrier, leaves you stunned.

Face the music, but it’s not in your ears.

Breaking news that keeps you awake at night.

Updates you every hour of the day.

Whispered torment you hear, but never saw.

Leave the messenger alone, he’s bad news.

If you’re unprepared, he will break your heart.


4 thoughts on “Speed of Sound

  1. Good stuff! It’s always nice to know there are people out there struggling against the dominant ethos and trying to find a place in the world for themselves outside of it. I’ll keep checking back for more!

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