World map showing percent of population living...

World map showing percent of population living on less than $1.25 (ppp) per day.

You may rest assured that in our negotiations with capitalism you will always find us standing on our feet and never on our knees. Never!

Critical association is an educational method aimed at reformist movements in order to bring them into the folds of the proletarian movement. It entails allowing members of a population to ‘critically associate’ their economic conditions with both their causes and alternatives to their states of existence. It is also a technique applied to reroute reformist methodologies toward class struggle. It is conducted through an educational campaign that associates identified areas of reform with the system that propagates it, as well as the system intended to replace it. The reformists must be torn from their cyclical methods that perpetuate a system of exploitation and must instead be informed of the need for revolutionary action against an economic system that only functions to perpetuate itself until met with violence of action.

Foremost, we must understand the worldview that class struggle exists within a stateless world, a place where internal nationalist movements cannot be predicted based on the theory of class struggle. Nation-states are comprised mostly of bourgeoisie, or mostly of the proletariat, depending on the nation’s economic production on the world stage. It is therefore understandable that in order to support the proletarian struggle we must incite the exploited nations to revolution against the bourgeoisie, states against states for the furthering of the class struggle on a global scale. Furthermore, we must understand how to best ‘arm’ this imperative struggle.

Class struggle between nations representing the bourgeoisie and those representing the proletariat are often resolved in the interest of the bourgeoisie. This occurs because of the bourgeois projection of soft power and military might, with subversive acts undertaken in support. To circumvent defeat and aid successful class struggle, we must first create self-sufficient workers’ states in the proletarian world, and following this we must create coalitions against the minor bourgeois states to transition them as well. Only when proletarian power is consolidated can we approach the next most likely adherents to a transitory economy, prior to antagonizing the uppermost.


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