Mother Nature Emotions

"Rerum Natura" (Mother Nature) surro...

“Rerum Natura” (Mother Nature) surrounded by grottesche decorations: Villa d’Este (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A sudden wrong move, and she will collapse.

If the wait doesn’t manage to crush you.

Maybe next time you’ll heed the warning signs.

Tremendous destruction, shakes and shivers.

Thousands of small disturbances each day.

She travels around the world. Sudden jolts.

When her tears begin to fall, you must swim.

When the feelings come, prepare to be done.

Covered in guilt and evidence of wrong.

When she brings her fury storm, knocks you down.

She’ll huff, and she’ll puff, tell you it’s over.

She’ll blow you away with tears and her snot.

Every single second, flashes of rage.

A short fuse, a missing circuit, she’s mad.

You will only burn once the shock is gone.

Dancing in circles, turning round and round.

Not so merry, you will fall to the ground.

Dizzy from confusion, spinning away.

She’s not tall, but she’ll rise up against.

Fierce opposition to anything said.

You won’t appease her. She’ll come tumbling down.

Once she spews, you’ll know the fire within.

You recant telling your friends she’s awesome.

Uncontrollable, fueled by what you say.

She’ll burn all the bridges, never come back.


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