Right Down the Line

Put it down. We will become enamored.

Say it into our reality realm.

Put in effort to place them at our feet.

If you put down the right and pick the left.

We can flush their royal houses away.

Once you put them down, you can speak the truth.

We will be captivated by your voice.

Yet no one has put it down like we want.

Playing with our hearts, knowing of the queen.

All of her money, she eats her cake, too.

It had better be stopped. Place her in check.

The fire in the water burns our souls.

A useful igniter for the movement.

We’ll steal your women, make the babies hate.

Dance at the court, mocking aristocrats.

English: The ballroom at Eglinton Castle

Telling us we will always be below.

The pride of the imperial rulers.

Their friends scowl and grimace at our fraud.

They volunteer to be put down as well.

Carry them out, escort them to the back.

Let them tell their daughters they will return.

Liars born in cradles, carried to graves.

The morning soreness will be worth the pain.

Maintain your image. You’re larger than life.

Deprive the thieves of their stolen purses.


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