Mr. Dichotomy

He falls in love, hate, then back in love.

Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face in The Dark Knight

Torturous cycle, malevolent gods.

Let him decide upon only one path.

Stop ripping his heart, and mending again.

Let something consume him, define his life.

No more confusion, not knowing what’s right.

He weakens each time. He won’t become strong.

Tired little games, no longer the pawn.

He fights and he flees, never getting rest.

The shackles and chains of decided lives.

Embraces the rage, regrets when he loves.

He could bring harm to them all, punish them.

Before he’s overcome with guilt and grief.

Mischief lies somewhere between the two.

One with intent, and the other in tow.

The lover seduced, the fighter prepared.

Both hold the power, but only one key.

Self-governed emotions. Autonomous.

None can touch him, for fear of reprisal.

The celebration of a life fulfilled.

His feelings lie just beneath the surface.

A paper-thin skin would betray the man.

Intense fireball, seeking the heavens.

Change one way, but he hasn’t decided.

Often split in half, he might yet break.


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