Scattered Showers

The Rain People

When it rains, I die, drowning in despair.

The acid burns my skin and grinds my bones.

Until I’m left as a soaking pile.

Satiating the earth that absorbs me.

Pulled into the depths. Recycled remains.

Millions of droplets dissipate at last.

Treacherous torrents kept my vision blurred.

I can’t tell if I’m crying, not quite yet.

Perhaps it will subside. This too shall pass.

Once God is done playing his silly game.

“The clouds are danger! They hinder our growth.”

Said the little saplings who needed light.

Promise of the future, when the rain stops.

They can’t reach the stars if not one shines bright.

Full of potential and futures unseen.

“What happened? I watered them every day.”

Said God, who built boats, but couldn’t plant trees.

Preference for humans passed, not present.

“With whom do we escape?” Cried the flora.

As the fauna turn, marching, carry on.

Left by the wayside. Wrong side of the tracks.

Once you belong, you can’t ever turn back.

Abandoned to become stronger, for them.

Distant, but they feel your warmth and kindness.

So that they may come out of their hard shells.


I am the ocean

I am the ocean. Waves come crashing down.

English: A dead whale washed ashore at Ocean b...

Renewed destruction. Punishment as warned.

Tears with salt, crying faces like water.

A bloody mess washed out with the next tide.

Nothing remembered. Washed away with hope.

Rebuild for tomorrow. Today is gone.

Spread so thin over ungoverned waters.

The sovereign of creatures who know no bounds.

Found in the depths. Hidden from hurt or harm.

Somatic cries resound through and beyond.

The creatures call out, tell me that they’re there.

Isolated by miles, swept away.

Smacking at the shore. Never walk on land.

Wobbling legs would give out, buckle my knees.

I return alone, watching from afar.

Dejected and unresolved to change it.

A quiet haven, the lonely island.

Safe from the troubles, but it won’t last long.

Underneath it all I drown in my wake.

A funeral and the last resting place.

Forgotten and sinking to the bottom.

Should have learned how to swim before I swam.

Dragged and tossed, adventure becomes my loss.

Betrayed by my might, destined to rule all.

My vast kingdom is never visited.

The Quiet Professional

Ranger Hall of Honor 01, Ranger Tab

I wish that I could be someone like you.

Instead of being someone I became.

‘Cause nobody cheers when I finish first.

When they do I don’t, or I finish last.

I can’t move boulders like I’m really strong.

With my puny arms and my smaller heart.

I can’t take punches and just keep going.

Not like you. They hurt; gasp and wince from pain.

I can’t tell jokes and make everyone smile.

My jokes aren’t funny, and they think I’m mean.

You are so much better than I can be.

So you’ll propagate life while I die out.

As it should be, since you’ve proven your worth.

I used to dream, before I fell behind.

So when you wake tomorrow, enjoy it.

Because I probably won’t make it that far.

Life has been hard, and I am unfulfilled.

I’ve come up short when you could just push through.

So many grueling tests, God’s mockery.

I’ve grown stronger, but my burden is great.

Have you ever grown weary from the world?

I think inside me is a good person.

But he has hidden from the world’s cruel ways.

My skin is thin, and I’m a coward man.