No smiles

He receives no smiles, hugs, kisses, or laughs.

Frowns and bewilderment, never happy.

It seeps into his pores, makes him question.

Why does no one treat me like a human?

Is it too much for my life to be full?

Surrounded by people foreign to him.

Like piles of stones to bury the man.

Crushed under the weight of disappointment.

Some aves are free to migrate elsewhere.

So where goes the dove with a broken wing?

The duck slimy with oil. It can’t fly.

It suffers on earth like purgatory.

Who cares if other dreams may become true?

Fantasies and illusions. Clouds of smoke.

They cause him to hurt, but he can’t fight back.

Writhing in the pain inside of his mind.

Convulsing and shivering. World so cold.

Frozen Stuffed Panda Bear - Salisbury Beach

Frozen Stuffed Panda Bear – Salisbury Beach (Photo credit: pag2525)

Child abandoned to die on its own.

Lying in a heap, hidden in the trash.

Someone come save him. His cries are unheard.

Suffering that brings no death, no release.

Cruel solemnity of acceptance now.

A broken, shattered man, losing his heart.

The pieces swept away, under the rug.

Leave them there for now. Nobody will come.

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