Moon Shines

Tell me, Moon, are you here for me tonight?

A lighted comfort, so I’m not alone?

Are you watching over, keeping me safe?

Or linking me with the rest who are lost?

We are together, though you’re far away.

Omnipresence above, can’t escape sight.

Can I tell you my hurt feelings and shame?

Confide in you when all my hope is gone?

Will you still be there if I say things wrong?

Will you abandon me if I’m not strong?

I think I see your face crack a smile.

Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on De...

Are you laughing at me, or do you care?

Can I tell you the truth, reveal it all?

Will my weakness stop the tides when you leave?

Do you really go, or are you hiding?

Shunned by the world like me? Can’t show your face?

I am glad you let me talk and listen.

A favor earned for more than less deserved.

How do you live out there, surrounded by space?

Is it empty and dark, without your friends?

Do they come visit you, or let you cry?

Either way, thanks for being here for me.

Maybe it’s not much, but I’m here for you.

Silly promises, but feelings we share.

Thanks for being my friend. Tell them I’m gone.


My Invisible Friend

mesopotamia, iraq - babylon relief

A broken record, a device abused.

Something for those times we’re hurt or confused.

Needed in the moment, but let go fast.

Something needed until the moment’s past.

Abandon, neglect. Temporary tool.

Excitement. Erect. What a silly fool.

Nights alone, with a connection outside.

The faith, the belief, the world changer’s here.

All for material, how could it be?

Friendship, ally, not another ride home.

Lies and deceit? Never would I have guessed.

The stories, the victim, misunderstood?

An egregious error if there was one.

Forgotten like the world I’ve always fought.

No intentions of purchase. Just myself.

Surprised at no hello after goodbye.

Oceans amassed and quiet tides rolled in.

Mysterious disappearance. Where now?

No more films or other stories exchanged.

An unbetrothed betrayal. Listening.

A kingdom bought with a smile and touch.

I could have been the jester. I played well.

Well enough leaves it alone. A small wave.

An enchanting tale. Looking for the signs.

When I am king, regret takes the same path.