The Journey

I took a trip to a land far away.

Fisioterapeuta massageia cliente.

No one knew me, but I somehow knew them.

A stranger, but friendlier than they knew.

Shared experiences, lives similar.

Nothing to prove that we are not the same.

I was so happy, meeting and greeting.

It was as though I had so many friends.

Eerie reminder of how it should be.

Ironic is who does not understand.

We belong closer, further separate.

Same old things, perhaps just too familiar.

When everything’s new… How can I explain?

Recharge, refresh, reinvigorating.

Peel off the dead skin covering my bones.

There is a man who was supposed to be.

Through experience, declined fruition.

And he spends his days hiding from the sun.

Maybe with a father, he would have flown.

So many things that only none can know.

Let him grow, become the flower inside.

Too late, the bees stung, no pollen within.

Foreign, an entity not recognized.

Get a stamp and a genus, no surprise.

Just business, no pleasure, we work for life.

A market, only stalls, nobody here.


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