Ride the Wave

Between the waves my brethren toss and turn.

Boy and Wave Magic

Boy and Wave Magic (Photo credit: kbowenwriter)

Waiting for me to bring them to the shore.

Hanging in spaces between destruction.

They ride along, hoping for a savior.

Mixing and mingling with everyone else.

Nodding and noting that things are changing.

So much promise, looks like a different world.

Tumbling through space, upside down and now right.

Churning and froth is clouding their vision.

The fire doesn’t burn, it’s watered down.

Smothering them to calm cries of mischief.

Order of Death, evoked through corruption.

Killers with reasons that evade the crimes.

Notorious but free, face in the mud.

Emerges dirty, hands covered in blood.

The system washes it clean, time machine.

Perpetrators that don’t serve or protect.

Perpetual shun for the ones below.

Join your brothers, terminate this system.

Let freedom ring, and chaos will prevail.

No law, no order, anarchy supreme.

Riot against anyone who matters.

So you may please yourself, expense to all.

The cost is greater, sacrifice the whole.

Until the tide brings justice, and you fall.


Just to breathe

Just to breathe, I would give up all your love.

Choking from smothering, I need freedom.

Cut a hole in my throat to make loud words.

Allow me to speak with thoughts in my mind.

Let us communicate, talk it all out.

The deadly silence creeps into my ears.

Ominous, foreboding, pictures of us.

Placed upon the mantle, fangs and teeth bared.

Skin peeling back, faces falling off.

A poor affair to show our families.

Yellowed eyes show alternate solutions.

A stream once tread becomes the sea, drowning.

Oceans of despair, whirlpool destruction.

Collapses upon itself, consumes death.

Central passage that leads to the wrong place.

Above the surface, weathered and fractured.

Desquamation weathering

Worn from the years. A tale of history.

Softness concealed by the winds of ages.

Fissure in the rock, better than a clock.

Showing time passed and the effects of life.

Sand castles drowned, or blown away in gusts.

Never to be found, only ash and dust.

Man created fire, and it burned him.

Experience of betrayal saddens.

Let me fall to pieces, and rest the same.

I am the ocean

I am the ocean. Waves come crashing down.

English: A dead whale washed ashore at Ocean b...

Renewed destruction. Punishment as warned.

Tears with salt, crying faces like water.

A bloody mess washed out with the next tide.

Nothing remembered. Washed away with hope.

Rebuild for tomorrow. Today is gone.

Spread so thin over ungoverned waters.

The sovereign of creatures who know no bounds.

Found in the depths. Hidden from hurt or harm.

Somatic cries resound through and beyond.

The creatures call out, tell me that they’re there.

Isolated by miles, swept away.

Smacking at the shore. Never walk on land.

Wobbling legs would give out, buckle my knees.

I return alone, watching from afar.

Dejected and unresolved to change it.

A quiet haven, the lonely island.

Safe from the troubles, but it won’t last long.

Underneath it all I drown in my wake.

A funeral and the last resting place.

Forgotten and sinking to the bottom.

Should have learned how to swim before I swam.

Dragged and tossed, adventure becomes my loss.

Betrayed by my might, destined to rule all.

My vast kingdom is never visited.