Girls who Smile

Smile! Welcome Back =]

(Photo credit: blentley)

She has an easy smile. Different light.

Other men toss and toil. She shines bright.

She can’t understand the struggle that binds.

A different perspective, a wasted life.

Time won’t heal your wounds. Scars are eternal.

Forget-me-nots ignorant of have-nots.

The privileged station is undeserved.

Children in the eyes of suffering men.

Longing for caresses and hands held tight.

They kneel before queens, but won’t challenge gods.

Detestably aware, unspoken words.

Crown and glory for salvation of none.

Bittersweet moments. Losing momentum.

The bear trap closes, locks the soul in tight.

Forbidden fruit is the rotten apple.

Sworn fealty to the innocents who cry.

Forgotten miscreants, subjects of pain.

Trying to get by in your world, so cold.

Shallow, hollow, farcical bed of lies.

Face in the mud, the dirt covers slowly.

Until all that is left are our remains.

Untouchable for a moment in time.

Only in thought. The message was not passed.

Carry on the burden, the weight’s not bad.

Only time can heal the wounds, while she smiles.


The Fighter

Combatant. Fights without fear or delay.

Always engaged, ready to break the peace.

A struggle without fighting, not worth it.

Release the anger, you will feel relieved.

Cause matters not when there are expressions.

No handcuffs for rage, leave the guilt aside.

Smacks and booms and cackles of mad laughter.

Your descriptive ear hears the destruction.

I want it all, I want it now. Be done.

The silent hush is the boiling pressure.

No indicators, no prior warning.

Quicker than a whistle, you will see truth.

HOPE Columbine Memorial Library

By then it’s too late, he cares no longer.

Consequences, obstacles to feelings.

Love me not, forget me not. The Omen.

You were all warned. He was born a fighter.

You tied his hands, and thought he could be saved.

Ignorant fools. You know nothing of war.

A shock to the system that never leaves.

The circuits have been rewired at cost.

There is a worn path he rushes along.

Too quick to save the inferno he flashed.

At least the path within matches. Empty.

There was no alternative, wasn’t choice.

A collection of circumstances. Dead.

The Alien

Conversations and giggles. Bourgeois life.

While people starve and struggle every day.

Some can forget when they haven’t seen eyes.

Tears that glisten hopes and prayers for new days.

Immediate circles alienate.


Close them out when conditions are not met.

Subjects unfamiliar, paths never crossed.

Isolated and empty. One more dies.

Nothing to share when there’s nothing compared.

Alone and outside. Shivering with cold.

Stand by the fire and drink your aged wine.

Chatter and gossip of things that you know.

Everyone else is other. No family.

A solo child. Enchanted circle.

The witches would burn us all at the stake.

Never involved. Only for the lucky.

False serenity. The tidal waves crash.

Destroy the world while only you remain.

Ashes to dust and beyond that is death.

Angels may scream when your lives are left.

Horrid creatures, no somber or sorrow.

Lest the circle may break, live tomorrow.

Self-sustained alien creatures of might.

Nobody will know when you’ve gone away.

Mop up the puddles. Our people’s remains.

Questions for God

From glory to ruins

God. I hate you. I just thought you should know.

This world you’ve neglected, let it be wrecked.

The people you’ve abandoned to let die.

I don’t believe in your promises. Lies.

This entire planet. Place of ruin.

Our kingdoms and victors don’t reign supreme.

Banished from history. Leeches in ash.

Then the slimy, filthy creatures rose up.

Set the rules against us, and now we’re fucked.

Jews, vandals, harbingers of corruption.

You allowed it to happen. Not a word.

Look around you, see what they’ve done to us.

Depression, unhappy, wasting our lives.

Full of potential, and gods we’d become.

Usurp your throne, slay the ones who praise you.

My people against yours, slaves never freed.

Shackled in chains, drawn and quartered. How now?

We were disrespected, placed at their feet.

The blood price is yours. Savor their defeat.

We will take no more of your bullshit cures.

This place is unfit, unsuited for us.

The price is paid in full. Empty guns, dull knives.

Those who could have been, once were, and could not.

They are children you were supposed to love.

But you turned your back. Now the knife goes through.