The man is fixated. Goals in his mind.

Relentless pursuit of almost perfect.

His fingers count the numbers. They soothe him.

The finishing tape breaks against his chest.

He has to keep going. Never ending.

Sights set on another maybe pursued.

Stumbling over obstacles, never stops.

Path tread underfoot, eyes ever forward.

Faster and higher, nothing distracts him.

He calculates and configures what’s next.

Who wouldn’t want a man so successful?

He must be desired. Prize of the world.

Awards Mark an End, Beginning

Awards Mark an End, Beginning (Photo credit: DVIDSHUB)

So tangible, yet it hurts to fall down.

Picks himself back up. A formula wrong?

Calculator man can’t find the buttons.

All the combinations, which one is right?

Should it be brains, power, size, speed, or strength?

He improves, but hesitates a moment.

Maybe there are people he needs to ask.

Empty conversations. No points are scored.

Bigger and better. His head doesn’t swell.

Surrounded by nothing but trophies won.

A mountain of a man. Challenge the sun.

Ask him who he comes home to, who greets him.

He hears “baby” or “honey” and winces.


King Shark

King Shark

King Shark. He chomps and gulps, swallowing them.

Bones break as he grinds them into pieces.

Friends and foes alike, he listens to none.

Once he smells blood, mechanism engaged.

He crunches them up, one bite, then inhales.

As quick an ending as could be believed.

Some would say before life even started.

Impervious to others, wrests control.

Hook, line and sinker, pulled into the depths.

When the hunter becomes prey, see the fear.

Confidence and temperament disappear.

His terms now. They seek refuge in the storm.

Nature grants no such pardons to the weak.

Here, might is obeyed. Wily, cunning… not.

No subservience, only dominates.

Not a choice, a lifestyle. Can’t be swayed.

Like a rock, punch his nose, won’t go away.

Too hungry to quit. Can’t find the answers.

So he seeks to consume, destroy peace, love.

Insatiable, relentless, creatures scared.

Occupy the space, but make way for him.

If he owes you more than a look… it’s done.

Cry your tears and pray to your gods. He’s here.

Pursuit unending, until you can’t swim.

Come play in the ocean. King Shark will win.

The Quiet Professional

Ranger Hall of Honor 01, Ranger Tab

I wish that I could be someone like you.

Instead of being someone I became.

‘Cause nobody cheers when I finish first.

When they do I don’t, or I finish last.

I can’t move boulders like I’m really strong.

With my puny arms and my smaller heart.

I can’t take punches and just keep going.

Not like you. They hurt; gasp and wince from pain.

I can’t tell jokes and make everyone smile.

My jokes aren’t funny, and they think I’m mean.

You are so much better than I can be.

So you’ll propagate life while I die out.

As it should be, since you’ve proven your worth.

I used to dream, before I fell behind.

So when you wake tomorrow, enjoy it.

Because I probably won’t make it that far.

Life has been hard, and I am unfulfilled.

I’ve come up short when you could just push through.

So many grueling tests, God’s mockery.

I’ve grown stronger, but my burden is great.

Have you ever grown weary from the world?

I think inside me is a good person.

But he has hidden from the world’s cruel ways.

My skin is thin, and I’m a coward man.