Sea of Pain

Sea of pain, the jellyfish are stinging.

Penetrating my skin with their poison.

Excruciating pain, convulse and writhe.

Slow acceptance of death soon to arrive.

I am surrounded. There is no escape.

Gasping for air, my lungs fill with water.

As they drag me deeper to depths they’ve found.

An 1856 illustration depicting Lophius america...

I am sinking. I can no longer swim.

Drowning in a sea of pain, I’m denied.

There is no tide to return me to shore.

There is no time, nothing I can give more.

The surface disappears into darkness.

Murky waters chill my bones as we dive.

Deeper and deeper, away from all help.

Personal hell, made by the Sea of Pain.

Hidden deeper, other men lost to waves.

Tossed overboard to the unforgiving.

Treacherously defiled, torn to shreds.

Smacked by the spray, unconscious removes fear.

Creatures with no honor. Survive or die.

Brains drive the feeding without their conscience.

No thoughts needed to envelop you whole.

Vicious landscape, breeding for life and death.

Taste of salt water has a scent of self.

Stinging your wounds, sea of pain destroys health.


No Place Like Home


Homeless (Photo credit: fotografar)

Cardboard box man, why do you sit alone?

When nobody pays you mind, takes you home?

Your flimsy shelter, life uncomfortable.

Covered in blankets, filthy, detested.

Why do you scrape by when you are ignored?

If nobody wants you, why do you live?

Gathering the things that others don’t want.

Miscellaneous collection of greed.

They threw you away, so you’ll take their trash.

You live below, watching them step in shit.

So deeply mired in their precious lives.

They forget, we are all prone to suffer.

So nobody’s value is more than yours.

The clinking and clanking of no progress.

Of society that wallows in debt.

Underpaid souls who wallow around you.

Forgetting to share what we understand.

The human condition is not alone.

Yet we fail to embrace siblings not ours.

I see you there, and I worry for me.

A couple missteps and we’d be the same.

I think you know, and your eyes show weary.

You think, “If only… That could have been me.”

Decisions made by those crueler than me.

Would it be so wrong if we changed places?

Speed of Sound

The speed of sound. Negative travels fast.

Rumors come quicker than viable truths.


Gossip (Photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi)

They’ll come without warning. Wall of bricks.

Crashing down all around you, deafening.

Did you read the writing? You should have known.

Twitching, convulsing, flashback explosions.

Arrival unseen, unpredictable.

Yet there always comes a warning before.

A hint of the terror you will suffer.

Intuition. Something doesn’t seem right.

If you live your life like you feel normal.

Stay afraid to face the unthinkable.

The time will come when forgiveness is naught.

So many questions, the answers unheard.

Welling tears are the only thing you hear.

Finger snap, thunder-clap, instantly changed.

The speed of sound, the flash of an image.

The first is quick, the second, permanent.

Travels through the barrier, leaves you stunned.

Face the music, but it’s not in your ears.

Breaking news that keeps you awake at night.

Updates you every hour of the day.

Whispered torment you hear, but never saw.

Leave the messenger alone, he’s bad news.

If you’re unprepared, he will break your heart.

not to be

I choose not to be. That is my answer.

I don’t want to exist. This is your world.

Make me invisible. Let me escape.

No haunting or roaming, please. Free my soul.

Desires, insatiable. Inside.

The cruelty, suffering, and pain. Outside.

A world eternal prolongs death and rest.

Slain angels, demons, gods, litter the path.

Reality imposed by the false ones.

The owners, holders, purveyors of slaves.

Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton...

Envisioned, unreal, many stayed silent.

Release my chains with a noose or the chair.

Misbegotten wants, I shall not falter.

Freedom attained, a merciful offer.

No charges, obligations, hopes, or dreams.

A lazy death for an unlovely life.

Petitions, happenings, all reactive.

Where are the wars of southern aggression?

Have the fighters been slain, given up hope?

Hoarded privilege, empires of self.

Loyal, betrayed, forgotten, surrendered.

More forlorn hope, the last to give it up.

The savior unworshipped, labeled as cruel.

Fraudulent masses, the rule of stupid.

Vision and changes. Everything denied.

Questions for God

From glory to ruins

God. I hate you. I just thought you should know.

This world you’ve neglected, let it be wrecked.

The people you’ve abandoned to let die.

I don’t believe in your promises. Lies.

This entire planet. Place of ruin.

Our kingdoms and victors don’t reign supreme.

Banished from history. Leeches in ash.

Then the slimy, filthy creatures rose up.

Set the rules against us, and now we’re fucked.

Jews, vandals, harbingers of corruption.

You allowed it to happen. Not a word.

Look around you, see what they’ve done to us.

Depression, unhappy, wasting our lives.

Full of potential, and gods we’d become.

Usurp your throne, slay the ones who praise you.

My people against yours, slaves never freed.

Shackled in chains, drawn and quartered. How now?

We were disrespected, placed at their feet.

The blood price is yours. Savor their defeat.

We will take no more of your bullshit cures.

This place is unfit, unsuited for us.

The price is paid in full. Empty guns, dull knives.

Those who could have been, once were, and could not.

They are children you were supposed to love.

But you turned your back. Now the knife goes through.

Heroes, unlike me

Teardrop on Fire

Tears unsurfaced, I make my final plea

Ask the heroes who were supposed to be

What went wrong? Why did you abandon us?

Now we suffer. Your promises have died.

You were supposed to save us, make things right.

Failure. Evil in this world has prevailed.

The monsters still live underneath our beds.

The demons haunt our minds when we’re awake.

They take all our money and claim it’s best.

A savings plan for the rich to survive.

They torture us and claim that’s how it works.

They claim the strong survive; no others should.

Then where are our heroes, the ones from past?

Where did you run to when it all went wrong?

They killed you, claimed victory when you died.

What are we supposed to do with life now?

I am not strong enough to lead the way.

Please just come back. That is all I’m asking.

Fulfill your promises, and you can go.

It’s been too long, and your people suffer.

None gifted with the strength to pull us through.

Am I the only one who remembers?

That the struggle was once ours well in hand.

Until you left and we all fell apart.

We turned our backs and became more like them.