Sexy Car Wash

Sexy Car Wash



Forbidden enjoyment. The wicked rule.

Carve their faces like they carved up the land.

To each his only. Desolate, alone.

Praying to the gods while prey steals your bread.

Lesser men corrupt and evil. They lie.

Furthermore becomes nothingness. Lost time.

Arts and leisure transferred into money.

Greedy stomping tantrum devils, I swear.

Bathe the filthy with hands unclean and dry.

A demon possessed with more sense than them.

Exploit the pieces spilled on the sidewalk.

Collect them up, see what new money makes.

Game of capital, the players are dead.

English: Surpluses (and deadweight loss) creat...

Forgotten unwants come back and they haunt.

Fearless, unrelenting creatures of sin.

Excess to explode, and nothing within.

Heartless, soulless, empty vessels of weird.

Peculiar habits, innocents not claimed.

The forethought recognized, not taken back.

Had it all, want more, forget consequence.

Suffering unseen, eyes don’t remember.

Interpretation of pain, nothing lost.

The hold, the grip, it strangles us today.

My neck, just slip, let it all go away.

Tears are cried, but there is nobody there.

Death of the Individual

Individual. Selfish and alone.

No sense of community. Nothing shared.

Produce and consume. Never own the means.

Expectations large, with little reward.

The failure and despair we don’t witness.

Left behind, abandoned if not consumed.

See the implosion of a falling star.

Red Star Rising, it used to be the sun.

Corporate States of America

Corporate States of America (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Shining over every kingdom. Shared lands.

Traveled beyond time and space. Advancement.

No profits, but prophets who saw the way.

Release the chains of the present to see.

See the future that was supposed to be.

Not held back by prisons and devices.

The fat gatekeeper fed by his own greed.

Children with empty stomachs. “I want more!”

Taste their tears. One too many grains of salt.

A harvest for the fat man while they cry.

Their potential will amount to nothing.

Discarded generations, without means.

Production amassed built empires great.

Shadows cast over world without toilets.

The world’s embarrassment, until the guns.

The gold and the jewels were just too shiny.

Fat fingers pulled the trigger. Stole the world.