Watermelon War

This is the first foray into an episodic retelling of the history of the world. It is intended to entertain, provoke thoughts, and evoke emotion. Should it do so, please comment.

Also note that lacking feedback, these posts will likely disappear into the nothingness from whence they came.

stranded ship

The passengers have all disembarked.

They came to fulfill their rape fantasies and left with fistfuls of shiny things that would never get returned.

They crashed into us like the waves that brought them here, wrecked our souls as if they were without light.

They invaded our sanctity, created false gods for worship. But the truth is, they are the devils.

From high upon their horses, trampling all that grows beneath them, even though it grew there first.


They were all drunk by now.

They harass us, threaten us, shouting over greetings and walking all over the welcome mats placed for them.

They refuse to abide by our norms, our beliefs, our traditions that existed well before they were conceived.

They wrote history to dispute the truth, then disseminated lies and propaganda while we were being erased.

Such noble warriors that rose to protect us, were slaughtered in the mocking face of uneven odds.

Their feeble detractors went to hide and write letters, claiming yet not denying the wrongs of men of action.

Our dissidents remained, joined the righteous in the hopeless battle that you know has not yet been won.

You see the effects, yet choose to ignore our plight. That makes you complicit, fully belonging to their evils.

And our brave warriors rose to fight against impossibility, since all that has happened cannot be overturned.

The acceptance of vengeance begins to taste more like the bitter poisons they left behind inside of us.

Our institutions protect them, set up protectorates with goals of compliance and subservience: their ideas.

So the rules were made up, and now those who are wrong are justified as right. The innocent are criminals.

railcar transport

Reinforcements arrive.

Their enforcers arrive. The scouts will be named saints in comparison to these machinations of oppression.

Bigger guns, the intimidation of a people already mourning the losses of the previously eradicated generation.

Aimed at retention of their gilded thrones, rust covered and seated with rotting souls. This is preservation.

dead gathered

The dead.

And despite the strength of our spirit and our souls, our lifeless bodies are just as weak as theirs.


Right Down the Line

Put it down. We will become enamored.

Say it into our reality realm.

Put in effort to place them at our feet.

If you put down the right and pick the left.

We can flush their royal houses away.

Once you put them down, you can speak the truth.

We will be captivated by your voice.

Yet no one has put it down like we want.

Playing with our hearts, knowing of the queen.

All of her money, she eats her cake, too.

It had better be stopped. Place her in check.

The fire in the water burns our souls.

A useful igniter for the movement.

We’ll steal your women, make the babies hate.

Dance at the court, mocking aristocrats.

English: The ballroom at Eglinton Castle

Telling us we will always be below.

The pride of the imperial rulers.

Their friends scowl and grimace at our fraud.

They volunteer to be put down as well.

Carry them out, escort them to the back.

Let them tell their daughters they will return.

Liars born in cradles, carried to graves.

The morning soreness will be worth the pain.

Maintain your image. You’re larger than life.

Deprive the thieves of their stolen purses.

Colonialism and the Destabilization of Africa

English: Ethnic groups of Africa in 1996. Prin...It is well-known that Europeans began the ruination of Africa with the spread of imperialism.

European colonialism had a devastating impact on Africa.

The artificial boundaries created by colonial rulers as they ruled and finally left Africa had the effect of bringing together many different ethnic people within a nation that did not reflect, nor have (in such a short period of time) the ability to accommodate or provide for, the cultural and ethnic diversity. The freedom from imperial powers was, and is still, not a smooth transition. The natural struggle to rebuild is proving difficult.

The willed ignorance of continental conditions in Africa created the widespread problems faced today.

Colonialism erected structures that ruptured the dynamics which had controlled opposing inter-ethnic relations and interests. The post-colonial era witnessed further manipulation and disintegration of ethnic identities and groups, thus making the state central to the dynamics of ethnicity in Africa.

The Rwandan Civil War, Darfur, northern region of Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, and elections in Kenya are a few of the numerous conflicts caused by imperialism. An African continent shaped based on the ethnolinguistic groupings shown on the map above would have likely defused many of these aforementioned conflicts. However, it is in the interest of the imperialists to retain such a hotbed for conflict so as to enable the continued exploitation of the continent. Such tactics are currently being utilized in the Arab world as well.

The imperialists have well-funded institutions that train and send subversive rabble-rousers to inflict conflict and prevent such regions from living in peace. They then ‘intervene’ on the behalf of groups who would most likely ensure that the imperialists are the beneficiaries of such conflicts. These tactics are pure evil, and must not be allowed to continue.

Down below

We are sea and sand. We are beneath you.

Trampled underfoot. Insignificant.

Just granules. Little pieces, unseen.

A backdrop for your beach, outside your home.

South coast of Barbados, West Indies.

Not allowed inside. Brush away the taint.

So dirty and unclean. Not good enough.

I am sure you are better. Haughty one.

We will not forget how we’ve been treated.

We have ourselves. You’re not the only one.

The only one who matters. Bite your own tongue.

Or place your foot inside. You will eat words.

We are hardy, tempered for the weather.

You are weak. Prey only on the injured.

You are our target. Prisoner of War.

Pay your respects. Tell us what is deserved.

Does it make you cry? Kingdom crumbling.

Built on our backs, therefore, you owe us more.

Cruelty and punishment for thriving.

Ages before you discovered toilets.

Our memories are vivid, remember you.

Welcome, warmth, kindness, generosity.

And you look down your nose. We’ll cut it off.

Show us you can’t be despicable you.

The gloves are off, pummeling pugilists.

You started the fight. Now it is a war.