Have some bread, but don’t take it from others.

The Day After Election Day

The Day After Election Day (Photo credit: Daveblog)

Rip it to pieces and pass it around.

Until it feeds every human being.

None has more worth than you, none more precious.

Yet each and every one valued, worthy.

So long as they can reproduce greatness.

Competence for all, allow death for some.

Balance the force. Proficient, hard-working.

Deny exploitation. Punish the cruel.

World without limitations. Share the means.

Forever we have fought. Now we shall reign.

The privileged will suffer stolen crowns.

Inverted to pierce their ignorant minds.

Fear us not, usurpers of justice.

You will receive reward without delay.

Groveling, sniveling, we matter now.

The question has been answered. We know why.

There is a clear path. Follow the mountain.

Beat off those who would snatch at your pockets.

Lazy, quick answer. Corruption denied.

The peak exceeds the plateau. Pinnacle.

They will praise us for ages. Advancement.

The time comes, and progress is not withheld.

A more perfect world that we have released.

Come join the movement. Help us slay the beast.

Wish upon a star

I wish I could make your wishes come true

So you could save your dreams for the future

I wish I could be your lamp shining bright

A room full of light with warmth in your heart

I wish I could feel the power to change

At long last give you everything deserved

I wish I could wear the garb of a thief

So I could steal back what they have taken

I wish I could erase what has been done

A martyr for a cause greater than life

I wish I could be wishy-washy mad

Pretend to do things that no one else can

I wish I could forsake being honest

Try to convince you the world is alright

I wish I could wash away the sadness

Instead of rivers of tears colored blood


Wishes (Photo credit: Herve “Setaou” BRY)

I wish I could make wishes miracles

Say what I mean, so it becomes the truth

I wish I could shout, all our problems gone

Fear to return and get burned by the sound

I wish I could transform, become like you

Someone to tell me it will be okay

I wish I could not wish, and learn to fight

Become someone strong, with power and might

Toss me aside. I am nothing but hope.

Demons, Dreams, and Hauntings of Her

Hands Holding The World

She still haunts my dreams like a demon.

Remembrances shared even though she’s lost.

I try to forgive but I can’t forget.

The traitor, the fool, and the aftermath.

Try to let go, but my arms hold her tight.

We used to be one, prancing, holding hands.

Lovers that wonder, and embrace the moon.

She has since moved on, forgotten our lives.

When will I be freed from her wicked spell?

The salvation turned into her greed.

Left me sick, unbecoming who I am.

My life became something that was not hers.

Different minds, though we loved each other so.

I was married to work and to the world.

She was engaged with feelings and herself.

Separate but together. Not for long.

Unsuited for us, we could not adapt.

Unable to sustain what was not there.

Brimstone and fire the world could not heal.

Chaos reigns when emotions rule supreme.

We tried so hard, but effort is not fate.

False, artificial, it was just too late.

Diverging paths. No time to say goodbye.

Find another, replace what we can’t have.

And I will still dream, as though nothing passed.

The Quiet Professional

Ranger Hall of Honor 01, Ranger Tab

I wish that I could be someone like you.

Instead of being someone I became.

‘Cause nobody cheers when I finish first.

When they do I don’t, or I finish last.

I can’t move boulders like I’m really strong.

With my puny arms and my smaller heart.

I can’t take punches and just keep going.

Not like you. They hurt; gasp and wince from pain.

I can’t tell jokes and make everyone smile.

My jokes aren’t funny, and they think I’m mean.

You are so much better than I can be.

So you’ll propagate life while I die out.

As it should be, since you’ve proven your worth.

I used to dream, before I fell behind.

So when you wake tomorrow, enjoy it.

Because I probably won’t make it that far.

Life has been hard, and I am unfulfilled.

I’ve come up short when you could just push through.

So many grueling tests, God’s mockery.

I’ve grown stronger, but my burden is great.

Have you ever grown weary from the world?

I think inside me is a good person.

But he has hidden from the world’s cruel ways.

My skin is thin, and I’m a coward man.