The Fighter

Combatant. Fights without fear or delay.

Always engaged, ready to break the peace.

A struggle without fighting, not worth it.

Release the anger, you will feel relieved.

Cause matters not when there are expressions.

No handcuffs for rage, leave the guilt aside.

Smacks and booms and cackles of mad laughter.

Your descriptive ear hears the destruction.

I want it all, I want it now. Be done.

The silent hush is the boiling pressure.

No indicators, no prior warning.

Quicker than a whistle, you will see truth.

HOPE Columbine Memorial Library

By then it’s too late, he cares no longer.

Consequences, obstacles to feelings.

Love me not, forget me not. The Omen.

You were all warned. He was born a fighter.

You tied his hands, and thought he could be saved.

Ignorant fools. You know nothing of war.

A shock to the system that never leaves.

The circuits have been rewired at cost.

There is a worn path he rushes along.

Too quick to save the inferno he flashed.

At least the path within matches. Empty.

There was no alternative, wasn’t choice.

A collection of circumstances. Dead.


Fallen from grace

What do I need to make you look my way?

A castle, a kingdom, a world destroyed?

Have I not done more than anyone could?

Started behind, ran toward the front in time.

It’s still not enough. Not a single glance.

Not a smile or giggle. Second chance.

Transformed my size, my mind is better yet.

Secure, with flashes of competence seen.

Undervalued, not a diamond, just rough.


And the nothingness consumes. Hollow me.

A brush of her hand, a single thought shared.

Indicators unbreached, sunken in stone.

Wield the sword with so many questions still.

A warrior without battles and hope.

A flower on the wall, ground into paint.

Covers surface, but there’s nothing within.

Overlooked and unknown, can’t be worse here.

Gawks and stares, welcome more than the others.

It’s unfit, unclean, unworthy to you?

Understood and accepted, but no, why?

There’s a piece missing, I just have to find.

Encircle the world, let it out of sight.

Close with the enemy. He lies within.

Forsaken, unchosen. Losses piled.

A masquerade with nothing on his face.


Never, she told me. It’s impossible.

Never Alone

Never Alone (Photo credit: listentothemountains)

You wouldn’t understand. You don’t belong.

Look at what has been done. What can you do?

Blank manifest. We have become nameless.

Don’t you want to see my smile? Yet faceless.

They stole from us what we could not give them.

What would you do to quell the disquiet?

Taken in abundance from the have-nots.

She sees no effort, just pain and sorrow.

Couldn’t I destroy the world, nothing left?

Bring the end of days so the light can come.

It’s not enough, she replies. Yet again.

Forgive me, forget me, leave me alone.

Abandon the notion of a new world.

Fist in the air, grinding feelings below.

Extemporaneous, into the now.

Such quickly forgotten uttered phrases.

A moment’s victory, enshrined in gold.

An expression of tears, cried no longer.

The abandoned will be found. I have lost.

Inevitable, uncontrolled chaos.

Seems to lead me to the same ending path.

Watching from afar. Wondrous and amazed.

Everything’s changed, but not as I had hoped.

The feast is gorged, but my hunger remains.