The Great Escape

You saved me, sacred world of illusion.

Please keep me away from this cold, cruel world.

If I may never return, so be it.

Wandering, wonderful, replaced in time.


Fading (Photo credit: petalouda62)

Insufficient there, with no shoes or king.

Both vibrant, but here colors are my own.

Why tolerate misery, and then die?

When every fleeting moment here matters?

I met others, spoke with them, fell in love.

Projection, resurrection, I am whole.

No pieces crumbling, losses every day.

With them I laughed, I smiled, even cried.

Healthy emotions I’m allowed to share.

No shame or regret, wounds that just won’t heal.

I see good things happen to good people.

The evil, it exists, not flourishing.

I want to skip through meadows, visit homes.

See people like me, in places so new.

Strange and exotic, yet so human, too.

In here is where I belong. Let me stay.

Don’t make me face the things that make me sad.

I’ll sell my soul. Just let me ride along.

Traveling through worlds much better than mine.

A little lost boy no one wants to find.

Let me escape this prison in my mind.


I have many wings

I have many wings. I will fly away.

Fluttering convulsions, but I escape.

Bumping walls and unkind others, I go.

Higher and higher, away from problems.

No cares or worries as the wind takes me.

Flapping then soaring. Dive down, then ascend.

English: Statue of an angel with a broken wing...

A creature of comfort away from you.

My wings don’t get tired, bones are hollow.

Or membranes or webbed, avoidance device.

So far, so gone, such a time, no return.

Thumping and whooshing wind that carries me.

Such a soothing, refreshing companion.

Fingers through hair, silent intimacy.

Should I beware, children (ripped off wings)?

Broken, can’t fly, I will starve, but not cry.

Stolen blessings may not be mourned for loss.

Remembered memories of positive.

Reflection in the water, can’t dive through.

Shatter the illusion, I cling so tight.

Maybe a little nurture brings me back?

Starting as an infant, or dying, death?

My wings were freedom, now snapped, cracked, and popped.

A cruel man counts his losses, but I don’t.

Forget them easy, life returns normal.

The longing replaced with numbness and shame.

Loss of Reality (4/4): Bourgeois Games

Bourgeois games are characterized by an increased need for escapism, societal isolation, a lack of normal societal functions, and the focus on exploitation and capital gain. These aspects in video games will be discussed below.

Need for escapism

Bourgeois games attempt more to appeal to an older audience because of the knowledge of alienated laborers needing escapism for psychological balance to lives that are unfulfilled by abnormal social relations and work.

Bourgeois games also focus on realism as an artform in order to adhere to escapism with even the least imaginative minds.

The more serious and gritty tones, along with darker graphics and settings cue into the psychological damage caused by the alienation of the laborer and societal isolation.

Escapism is also assisted by customizable characters and their development, allowing the alienated laborer to accurately or ideally project himself into his false setting. He is also allowed to make dialogue choices for himself.

Societal isolation

Bourgeois game developers consciously and subconsciously take into account the societal isolation and individualism that characterize bourgeois culture when they are developing games.

In order to adhere to an individualistic and socially isolated culture, bourgeois games can be characterized by an open-world setting that allows players to function alone, doing what they please without considering others.

In bourgeois games, interactions with non-player characters are limited to the exchange of commodities as in a capitalist society, and therefore NPCs are often one-dimensional, serving no other socially interactive function.

Not only are social interactions with NPCs limited by an exchange of commodities and the consequent generic dialogue associated with it, but the player-character also often lacks character development.

Characters being devoid of personality or background also indicate the xenophobia prevalent in a bourgeois society that prefers the preservation of self.

This xenophobia also results in bourgeois developers avoiding topics such as religion and blasphemy in order to appeal to bourgeois minorities by circumventing compelling topics.

Normal societal functions

Bourgeois games are also characterized by attempts to replace a lack of normal societal functions with alternatives in-game.

What to do with Halo 2

What to do with Halo 2 (Photo credit: evil angela)

The feminization of bourgeois culture results from abnormal social relations and the alienation between the sexes, as well as sex being used as a means of exploitation. This causes bourgeois developers to create predominantly male protagonists exhibiting overtly masculine physical features and mannerisms in order for players to balance their natural tendencies with bourgeois society.

Real-time combat and first-person shooters are also a replacement for abnormal social relations and allow specifically males to hone in on natural instincts that are suppressed in bourgeois culture.

Focus on capital gain

The most glaring identifier of bourgeois games is the overtly exploitive nature of developers’ ventures.

Bourgeois developers ultimately seek to maximize capital through the most acute degrees of exploitation. Rather than focusing on experience, they attempt to exploit every aspect of bourgeois culture for profit and selfish gain.

This is why they are often not finely tuned or polished, when they know there is something in their sales pitch that fills a gap in bourgeois culture. This allows developers to not need to be innovative, and able to create repetitive structures and concept to appeals to the same tried and true successes in exploitation.

Developers derive game concepts from over-played ideas that have worked for other developers or even for themselves in the past. They can also focus on quantity of product over quality of product due to being positioned within a bourgeois society that makes it difficult for the petty-bourgeoisie to differentiate within bourgeois culture.

Bourgeois games are characterized by an extended lack of effort to produce games without variety, narrative strength, or mechanical intricacy because of the increased cost of labor.


Fishing Hole 2

Sanctuary found. Rest for the senses.

Want to go back. I feel so defenseless.

Find somewhere to run and hide from this life.

Not good enough. Failed to climb the mountain.

Inside a world where I can be the king.

No limits or boundaries placed on me.

Full of potential, and it’s developed.

Not just wasted and leading to failure.

In there I smile, let my laugh be heard.

Don’t shy away from opportunity.

I am outgoing. Meet lots of people.

No past to chase me down a different path.

I get lost in a world of make-believe.

A magician with believers in awe.

I believe that I can do anything.

I wake up in a ditch, face smeared with mud.

Did I imagine, or does the world hurt?

Where is my sanctuary, where’d it go?

I could ride unicorns, and steal the show!

Where are my powers why can’t I change things?

My fingers are useless I’ll cut them off.

Build me a spaceship and I’ll fly away.

No more questions or answers. It’s my way.

I can have fun and nothing else matters.

Build my sanctuary so I can live.