Tarquinius and Lucretia

Dam the river, stop her tears from flowing.

Before her torment carries on downstream.

Tidal wave emotions that will crush us.

She’s been abused, and she will take no more.

Fiendishly simple, complex sensations.

Reinvented for her foes long gone now.

They think she forgot, stronger memories.

Recollection of what she couldn’t bear.

Their faces, the same. Her thoughts are insane.

Ravished and ravaged, she plans her revenge.

She doesn’t care who suffers. She will choose.

Hopeless, uncaring, she won’t spare the world.

The wrath of her scorn makes demons run scared.

Her scars have dried up, make her numb to pain.

So far removed from the child I knew.

She won’t hold hands, won’t even look again.

She’ll cross the street, the cars honk, she ignores.

A method of madness on a mission.

She won’t let the postman knock even once.

She wears her boots, curled under the covers.

Afraid of the darkness and men that come.

Weary and wary, it won’t happen twice.

Seal tight the valve, let nothing pass through it.

She closes her eyes and leaps off the ledge.

Once more, no one was there to protect her.


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