Mr. Thinks T. Much

Curis photographed this. In his kitchen. I rea...

“You’re dismissed,” she said. No chance to ask, “Why?”

Aversion to his outward appearance.

Never touched, never tasted. Not allowed.

Like weakness on display. An exhibit.

Admirable cohorts. He’s not worthy.

He cares too much. Needs an explanation.

The few inside sit and ponder as well.

Time and effort, yet abandoned, misled.

Rituals and spells without libraries.

No patience to understand, grasping straws.

– make small talk, – flirt, – that’s how people have fun.

He just wants privacy, impassive lust.

Misread and misunderstood: problem child.

Peculiar and naïve; they don’t make sense.

Inexhaustibly romantic…loser.

Reasonable and directly at fault.

Intuition fails to perceive the truth.

Works himself to death to discover life.

Substituting ideas for emotions.

The synthesis of formula answers.

Seeking meaning to sounds and expressions.

What they say, what they mean, turning about.

Consistently repeats to understand.

Footholds established, ultimately.

Robust, stable, and he can talk the talk.


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