Stupid Love Poem

exercise makes you horny

(Photo credit: Will Lion)

Adonis DNA and tiger blood.

Shoulders define the burden, bloody chest.

Immense sensation that will wreck your body.

I thought about it today. I love you.

So I sent you this while I was away.

Help you relieve the tension in your life.

In anticipation of my return.

Some casual fun. Aphrodisiac.

Amor from my soul. You’re more than a crush.

The heat of the moment shows in my eyes.

How do you do? The pleasure is all yours.

Intimacy, like emotions entwined.

Pure pleasure, transcendent euphoria.

Stimulating friction intensifies.

Exciting the spirit of adventure.

Find the link connected like flowing pipes.

Chiseled jaw, broad shoulders narrowing to waist.

In a dim room with sounds that soothe. Taste wine.

Expressing feelings while reading your mind.

See you smile when I’m amiable.

A gentle caress of my tenderness.

The natural next step takes us beyond.

Continuing transition into one.

It just happens, like revolving the sun.

The human bond and affection I feel.


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