Innocent, but charged

You took your love away, no charges filed.

Guilty of crimes I haven’t committed.

You refused to put forth allegations.

I would gladly appeal the conviction.


(Photo credit: SalFalko)

Punished anyways, unanswered questions.

A thief in the night, snuck away from me.

Went to deal with someone less qualified.

You took my heart, sold it under value.

Not only my kingdom, my crown gone, too.

Right under my nose, and I smelled nothing.

Like a memory confused with wishes.

I can’t distinguish what was real or fake.

Dual personalities, which was you?

A schizophrenic roller-coaster ride.

How do I deny the thoughts that come back?

Was it me? Was it you? Who is to blame?

Whether luck or fate, the demons still haunt.

They terrorize my mind, have no mercy.

Sweeping across the landscape of my dreams.

I try to run, try to hide, but they know.

A victim beyond reasonable doubt.

Yet a standard of proof none can provide.

God grants no quarter to the innocents.

Guiltiness charged by my own state of man.

I would embrace death if life could end soon.


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