Wreck My Heart

I know something. You chose to not be mine.

Closed red curtain at the Coolidge Corner Thea...

(Photo credit: brokentrinkets)

I know your heart, and it is not divine.

You’re a liar and a thief in my mind.

So pretty, deviousness forgiven.

Heartbreak quelled, and you are not the reason.

Missive received; don’t know where it went wrong.

Tale of the tape that didn’t measure up.

So much effort, so little my reward.

One better favored, in God’s eyes he tries.

Aggressive and victorious. I die.

Another day, another dollar short.

It eats me inside, worse than Gilbert Grape.

Thwarted by the cruelest practitioner.

I could love you tender, when my heart’s true.

The maiden who wouldn’t let flowers bloom.

I’ll show you that I care; I’m not careless.

Too careful for the good of what I want.

I’m aware of your state of mind. It’s trite.

I’ll take the blame for being so fickle.

No harm will come because I’ll lick my wounds.

And I promise not to show you the scars.

Disappointment wanting, waiting for life.

It’s neither here and you are never there.

Mine, yours, always maybe. What’s the difference?

Mesmerize my eyes with your Satan grin.


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