Parallel Universe

It is not so. You do not know the truth.

You cannot tell us who is right or wrong.

We know the answers. You dare to question?

Perception of reality is skewed.

We don’t live in your imagination.

It is more than a figment, a whole thing.

We curse your existence and your closed eyes.

We are not make-believe. You can’t pretend.

Our fantasy worlds don’t exist like yours.

We reject that you want to buy our world.

Position of wealth, haughty, unfulfilled.

Hold your head up high and expose your throat.

Habits of privilege that we can’t deny.

Undeveloped potential, withering.

Living in homes, with families, having friends.

Description unavailable

(Photo credit: sara..wood)

Not knowing what the meaning of ‘work’ is.

We hope your daughter marries a pauper.

Her morals decay, now you feel threatened.

A worthless heiress, mindless and carefree.

What a shame she never built character.

Fickle, lacks purpose, she’ll waste your money.

Watch your fortune dwindle before she dies.

You were self-important, yet showed no strengths.

Exclusive life, framed until it shattered.

You are afraid to be yourself, come change.


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