Forgotten Ships

English: Forgotten Wonder

I can’t remember emotions of love.

I’ve seen them displayed, absent from my heart.

I know of courtship, seen it tried and won.

But it’s been too long. My mind can’t recall.

I have not endured for more than a night.

Sleepless along the winding path that ends.

Unknown and agreed to discontinue.

Casual, informal, impersonal.

Hidden from the world our guilty pleasures.

Respect the privacy of the public.

None assigned, more convenient than the truth.

If you needed a love song I could write.

I would be nice, and help you understand.

Suddenly and completely we should fall.

Restricted by chains of reality.

An existence exchanged like capital.

Neither are winners. We all suffer loss.

Maybe she might propose something to do.

Nevermind, second glance away from me.

Omitted for convenience. Not retrieved.

Not even a few chances. Zip, zero, and zilch.

Indirectly denying survival.

How much for the world? I’ll pay you ten-fold.

An approving nod of a deed well done.

Romance unchosen, potential of none.


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