Sea of Pain

Sea of pain, the jellyfish are stinging.

Penetrating my skin with their poison.

Excruciating pain, convulse and writhe.

Slow acceptance of death soon to arrive.

I am surrounded. There is no escape.

Gasping for air, my lungs fill with water.

As they drag me deeper to depths they’ve found.

An 1856 illustration depicting Lophius america...

I am sinking. I can no longer swim.

Drowning in a sea of pain, I’m denied.

There is no tide to return me to shore.

There is no time, nothing I can give more.

The surface disappears into darkness.

Murky waters chill my bones as we dive.

Deeper and deeper, away from all help.

Personal hell, made by the Sea of Pain.

Hidden deeper, other men lost to waves.

Tossed overboard to the unforgiving.

Treacherously defiled, torn to shreds.

Smacked by the spray, unconscious removes fear.

Creatures with no honor. Survive or die.

Brains drive the feeding without their conscience.

No thoughts needed to envelop you whole.

Vicious landscape, breeding for life and death.

Taste of salt water has a scent of self.

Stinging your wounds, sea of pain destroys health.


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