Bloody Heart

English: Broken Heart symbol

Bleeding heart phenomenon. Sympathy.

Feeling concerned, he sees and understands.

Reaction to the human condition.

When suffering comes, it sends him a sign.

Doesn’t believe in individual.

Encourages egalitarian.

The voice of the minority in need.

For the greater good of everyone here.

He won’t let you do what you want, bully.

There are things more sacred than sense of self.

Whine and complain, implement your reforms.

He won’t acquiesce, your lies and your deceit.

Worshipping false gods disproved by science.

Zealots who refute logic and reason.

Do they not embrace their own deadly sins?

It’s okay to lie, cheat, steal: for profit.

Take it back, dump the body, now it’s wrong?

The vengeance was invited by your greed.

The hemorrhaged soul has none to cure him.

He bleeds for you, and you just watch him die.

Misunderstood, and left alone to cry.

How cruel to only take care of your own.

You will wake one morning and find him dead.

Of a broken heart that couldn’t be fixed.

The unrequited man, withered flower.


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