No Place Like Home


Homeless (Photo credit: fotografar)

Cardboard box man, why do you sit alone?

When nobody pays you mind, takes you home?

Your flimsy shelter, life uncomfortable.

Covered in blankets, filthy, detested.

Why do you scrape by when you are ignored?

If nobody wants you, why do you live?

Gathering the things that others don’t want.

Miscellaneous collection of greed.

They threw you away, so you’ll take their trash.

You live below, watching them step in shit.

So deeply mired in their precious lives.

They forget, we are all prone to suffer.

So nobody’s value is more than yours.

The clinking and clanking of no progress.

Of society that wallows in debt.

Underpaid souls who wallow around you.

Forgetting to share what we understand.

The human condition is not alone.

Yet we fail to embrace siblings not ours.

I see you there, and I worry for me.

A couple missteps and we’d be the same.

I think you know, and your eyes show weary.

You think, “If only… That could have been me.”

Decisions made by those crueler than me.

Would it be so wrong if we changed places?


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