Supersonic moments, shortage of time.

Yesteryear has gone, and our lives have changed.

Today is fleeting, too, vanishing fast.

Tomorrow approaches so rapidly.

I hang on to memories, won’t let go.

Until they’ve forgotten me, or time stops.

Everlasting, eternal, can’t go back.

Nothing the same, nothing is sane, new world.

Replaced by now, every moment too soon.

Existence replaces reality.

Transcending the presence of our control.

Helpless to stop the wheel, the hands that turn.

Eternity there, realized only then.

The unaided prison break, great escape.

Butterfly nets that can’t capture release.

Open palms face up, fluttering and gone.

The future comes like highway underneath.

Fast train

Fast train (Photo credit: Sander van der Wel)

No speed limit, passing fast by the laws.

Riding the curves, hoping the tunnel ends.

Not so abrupt, because we can’t slow down.

Face hits the pavement, skids piles of skin.

Wake up, world spinning, shouldn’t have stopped.

Momentum won’t return, won’t heal the scars.

Afraid and unworthy to continue.

Brush it off, look around, we’ve escaped hell.


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