The vision is all I have ever known.

New Harmony, a utopian attempt; depicted as pr...

A murky destiny pivots with change.

Pray that the clouds don’t roil and cover.

Our future, once promised, so far denied.

“It can’t happen, you’re too optimistic.”

Naysayers who don’t suffer at their hands.

The slave owners who would justify it.

Narcissistic faggots who fuck and breed.

Yourselves so pretty, dirtying others.

There’s no shame, only blame, disconnected.

Vile shifts of responsibility.

You’ve done enough. Time for the hose to spray.

Lay you down, the pressure becomes too much.

You respond to reason and honesty.

The way forward is revealed and clearer.

Nothing becomes of the past that could be.

Because we’ve changed history with action.

Do you now see the potential for change?

Your ominous sights proposed to preserve.

Indignant men who understand nothing.

Locked out of the gene pool, no more swimming.

The molds and shapes of man must be kept clean.

Confident because we feel empathy.

Tired of brothers being pushed around.

I will crush your place with my crystal balls.


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