Just to breathe

Just to breathe, I would give up all your love.

Choking from smothering, I need freedom.

Cut a hole in my throat to make loud words.

Allow me to speak with thoughts in my mind.

Let us communicate, talk it all out.

The deadly silence creeps into my ears.

Ominous, foreboding, pictures of us.

Placed upon the mantle, fangs and teeth bared.

Skin peeling back, faces falling off.

A poor affair to show our families.

Yellowed eyes show alternate solutions.

A stream once tread becomes the sea, drowning.

Oceans of despair, whirlpool destruction.

Collapses upon itself, consumes death.

Central passage that leads to the wrong place.

Above the surface, weathered and fractured.

Desquamation weathering

Worn from the years. A tale of history.

Softness concealed by the winds of ages.

Fissure in the rock, better than a clock.

Showing time passed and the effects of life.

Sand castles drowned, or blown away in gusts.

Never to be found, only ash and dust.

Man created fire, and it burned him.

Experience of betrayal saddens.

Let me fall to pieces, and rest the same.


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