Eve and Mary

John the Baptist. Birth of Idolatry.

Promotion of the Individual.

Unleash the Selfish hordes and punish us.

Virtues replaced with misbegotten wants.

Place him on a cross. Name him as God’s Son.

All hands on deck. Worship the new Captain.

Son of the ignorant, blood of a Whore.

The Original Sin

The Original Sin (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)

Permitted to dwell in shackles in chains.

Higher purpose betrayed so there was Sin.

Engage in discord. Tear the world apart.

Isolated and lonely for His Son.

Misguided Treason against the Kingdom.

Arrogant, Liars, They kill their husbands.

Treacherous pursuits of Her desires.

Should have kept the rib to protect his heart.

Before the knife tore in, bullet explodes.

Reparations none, go kneel at his feet.

The jury will acquit. Bitch is Crazy.

Holier than him, forgiven Her sins.

Premeditation, wicked, vile mind.

Flirting with disaster. She’ll Fuck him now.

Deceit for gain, lying because she can.

Cleaning up a mess, the Maid wears no clothes.

Sleeping in his bed, knowing he’s betrothed.

Blame is placed by the Hands that are washed clean.


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