Colonialism and the Destabilization of Africa

English: Ethnic groups of Africa in 1996. Prin...It is well-known that Europeans began the ruination of Africa with the spread of imperialism.

European colonialism had a devastating impact on Africa.

The artificial boundaries created by colonial rulers as they ruled and finally left Africa had the effect of bringing together many different ethnic people within a nation that did not reflect, nor have (in such a short period of time) the ability to accommodate or provide for, the cultural and ethnic diversity. The freedom from imperial powers was, and is still, not a smooth transition. The natural struggle to rebuild is proving difficult.

The willed ignorance of continental conditions in Africa created the widespread problems faced today.

Colonialism erected structures that ruptured the dynamics which had controlled opposing inter-ethnic relations and interests. The post-colonial era witnessed further manipulation and disintegration of ethnic identities and groups, thus making the state central to the dynamics of ethnicity in Africa.

The Rwandan Civil War, Darfur, northern region of Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, and elections in Kenya are a few of the numerous conflicts caused by imperialism. An African continent shaped based on the ethnolinguistic groupings shown on the map above would have likely defused many of these aforementioned conflicts. However, it is in the interest of the imperialists to retain such a hotbed for conflict so as to enable the continued exploitation of the continent. Such tactics are currently being utilized in the Arab world as well.

The imperialists have well-funded institutions that train and send subversive rabble-rousers to inflict conflict and prevent such regions from living in peace. They then ‘intervene’ on the behalf of groups who would most likely ensure that the imperialists are the beneficiaries of such conflicts. These tactics are pure evil, and must not be allowed to continue.


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