King Shark

King Shark

King Shark. He chomps and gulps, swallowing them.

Bones break as he grinds them into pieces.

Friends and foes alike, he listens to none.

Once he smells blood, mechanism engaged.

He crunches them up, one bite, then inhales.

As quick an ending as could be believed.

Some would say before life even started.

Impervious to others, wrests control.

Hook, line and sinker, pulled into the depths.

When the hunter becomes prey, see the fear.

Confidence and temperament disappear.

His terms now. They seek refuge in the storm.

Nature grants no such pardons to the weak.

Here, might is obeyed. Wily, cunning… not.

No subservience, only dominates.

Not a choice, a lifestyle. Can’t be swayed.

Like a rock, punch his nose, won’t go away.

Too hungry to quit. Can’t find the answers.

So he seeks to consume, destroy peace, love.

Insatiable, relentless, creatures scared.

Occupy the space, but make way for him.

If he owes you more than a look… it’s done.

Cry your tears and pray to your gods. He’s here.

Pursuit unending, until you can’t swim.

Come play in the ocean. King Shark will win.


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