The Great Escape

You saved me, sacred world of illusion.

Please keep me away from this cold, cruel world.

If I may never return, so be it.

Wandering, wonderful, replaced in time.


Fading (Photo credit: petalouda62)

Insufficient there, with no shoes or king.

Both vibrant, but here colors are my own.

Why tolerate misery, and then die?

When every fleeting moment here matters?

I met others, spoke with them, fell in love.

Projection, resurrection, I am whole.

No pieces crumbling, losses every day.

With them I laughed, I smiled, even cried.

Healthy emotions I’m allowed to share.

No shame or regret, wounds that just won’t heal.

I see good things happen to good people.

The evil, it exists, not flourishing.

I want to skip through meadows, visit homes.

See people like me, in places so new.

Strange and exotic, yet so human, too.

In here is where I belong. Let me stay.

Don’t make me face the things that make me sad.

I’ll sell my soul. Just let me ride along.

Traveling through worlds much better than mine.

A little lost boy no one wants to find.

Let me escape this prison in my mind.


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