Blessed your light

Blessed your light that helped us through to dawn.

Cold and shivering, you helped us survive.

Your reward was unjust, they stole your life.

Which is why we owe repayment to them.

You were our hero, savior, brightened days.

A life worth allowing to live through time.

You gave us hope when the gamblers went broke.

Attrition, submission, never gave up.

You fought for victory, never accede.

With us in mind, you knew we deserved more.

You would bring us the stars, the sun and moon.

Never forget to lead the way humble.

They thought we’d forget you in time. Maybe.

With no shelter, we remember, regret.

Merciful to shed light and provide shade.

Now our eyes are burning. Where have you gone?

Bulgarian revolutionary G. Angelov and his cheta

Our inspiration to see the next day.

One full of clouds, illusion reigns supreme.

They miscalculate deeds to make it rain.

Torrents of lies, no truth purveyed to us.

Our conditions remain, memories false.

We remember the one who stood up tall.

Shouted to them and said, “We will return!”

Who is here to carry on? No one left.

Someone not taught to shoulder the burden.


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