Tear out the Heart

Tear out the heart. Bleeding, throbbing, explodes.

Lost feelings and emotions. No control.

A sacrifice on a stake. Eat it whole.

The hollow man remains. No sympathy.

This cold wretched world that stole his true heart.

The priests and the temples won’t mourn his loss.

The scars won’t heal. Forever reminded.

The pieces and splatter on the sidewalk.

People trample and ignore the man’s pain.

English: A homeless man in Paris Français : Un...

Suffering seen, but unheard. Close their eyes.

Another staggered by life consequence.

He stumbles around, searching for someone.

They avoid his eyes, let him continue.

Along a trail unchosen, path denied.

There’s not much time left, all he wants is help.

He can hear the ticking. Incessant clock.

He hears a drum, a beat he used to know.

Another one suffers, join them in the rain.

Scream at God, maybe the cries will be heard.

United, together, fucked throughout life.

A street lamp, a hope, a whisper of change.

Precious little time. Moments flutter, gone.

When moments matter, memories will come.

A flood to fill the void, his empty soul.

Blinking, fading, waiting to start again.


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