Parasitism and Suicide

It should come as no surprise to a student of historical materialism that societal recognition of suicide came with the dawn of the Age of Imperialism. In fact, English law first began to address suicide just as the British Empire began to expand its military campaigns into Africa. This parallel development serves as an indicator of the unhurried development of parasitism during the beginning stages of imperialism. Suicide is a cultural phenomenon that is a result of an exploitive culture. There is no cure for it other than the destruction of the system that allows it to prevail within society.

We all understand, through various experiences, that being a teenager is an emotionally tumultuous time in anybody’s life. It is well within comprehension that teenagers would be more prone to suicide attempts than other demographic categories. However, suicide is the second leading cause of death between the ages of 15-34, and increasing across all age groups, serving as an indicator that there is a psychological imbalance within such societies, which is only proliferated by capitalist culture. These numbers are heavily disproportionate to intuitive reasoning for the leading causes of death.

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The growth of parasitic culture within a capitalist society intensifies abnormal social relations to the point of abuse by creditors and debtors alike. This is one explanation of the exponential increase in suicide rates in recent years. Abnormal social relations combined with the exploitation of natural competitiveness causes severe marginalization within capitalist culture and is why symptoms of depression are particularly problematic for individuals within these cultures. There are a host of other factors that contribute to suicide demographics, but they all stem from the existence of capitalism.

All of the recent school shootings can be attributed to the growth of a parasitic economy, especially with the economic stranglehold seen in bourgeois and petty-bourgeois regions where these shootings occur. It is ironic and a tell-tale sign that the same system that creates a culture of privilege actually does more psychological damage to the privileged than to disadvantaged people. Cases in point are the numerous school shootings in bourgeois neighborhoods, and the lack of similar massacres in proletarian communities.

The capitalist solution of course is to exploit the victims of suicide, creating monopolies on products that never reach the root causes of our problems, but seek to provide cyclical remediation of placebos. There are innumerable drug treatments for any type of imagined neurochemical imbalances or ailments. There is also therapy, an exploitive industry that grew from a lack of normal social relations and the increasing inability for face-to-face social interactions. Finally, there are hotlines to prevent suicide, but nothing to remedy the societal conditions that are so severe as to make a significant portion of the population feel as though non-existence is a viable alternative to struggle.


2 thoughts on “Parasitism and Suicide

  1. This is indeed very well put.

    “There is also therapy, an exploitive industry that grew from a lack of normal social relations and the increasing inability for face-to-face social interactions.”

    The lack of natural and true communion in modern society is surely the main cause for moral alienation and psychic disease.

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