Wish upon a star

I wish I could make your wishes come true

So you could save your dreams for the future

I wish I could be your lamp shining bright

A room full of light with warmth in your heart

I wish I could feel the power to change

At long last give you everything deserved

I wish I could wear the garb of a thief

So I could steal back what they have taken

I wish I could erase what has been done

A martyr for a cause greater than life

I wish I could be wishy-washy mad

Pretend to do things that no one else can

I wish I could forsake being honest

Try to convince you the world is alright

I wish I could wash away the sadness

Instead of rivers of tears colored blood


Wishes (Photo credit: Herve “Setaou” BRY)

I wish I could make wishes miracles

Say what I mean, so it becomes the truth

I wish I could shout, all our problems gone

Fear to return and get burned by the sound

I wish I could transform, become like you

Someone to tell me it will be okay

I wish I could not wish, and learn to fight

Become someone strong, with power and might

Toss me aside. I am nothing but hope.

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