Sloppy kisses in moments of passion.

Lips locked and fate sealed. Going home tonight.

Mouth 4

Mouth 4 (Photo credit: Bernard DURET)

Another’s are pursed, to keep the words in.

A thin line never crossed keeps her happy.

A sacrifice and a loss. Attention.

Whispers unheard, a warning unspoken.

“Nothing…” says the girl with little to lose.

Harsh words wait from such a lustful device.

A compartment never locked, but sealed tight.

The snake slithers, slimy and wet, forked tongue.

Never revealing intentions or wants.

Those are for the heart. Look into his eyes.

And from the lips flow flowers, no surprise.

She returns to her mask, portrayal false.

Bright, red and shiny, like a firetruck.

Burning up inside, put her fire out.

Spray the hose, knock her down, crying, wants more.

The little engine that couldn’t say no.

Her dry skin flakes, no moisture anymore.

Now pain to the touch, remembrance once more.

Scars that won’t heal. They grow larger. He knows.

If they hadn’t parted, stuck together.

Waiting for some words, low vibrations.

Bouncing through her mind, his world, in between.

Bite the feelings, now numb, won’t speak again.

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