Send a signal, like I would do for you.

A poster, a billboard, the whole world sees.

Profession of guilt, innocence hidden.

A smile with knowing. Don’t forget me.

When it rains and my face is wet, you’re gone.

Let the cars honk, the bridge is burned, drowning.

The king of the mountain, screaming, alive.

National Register of Historic Places listings ...

Reverberates through the valleys and hills.

Signed impossible on the dotted line.

Sold my soul in exchange for nothingness.

Empty hands, conflated purse, protection.

They scatter like ants, back to colonies.

My feelers ripped off, don’t know where to go.

Magnifying glass, the sun brings my pain.

Safety in numbers, suffering alone.

Meek whispers seized by the wind, tossed elsewhere.

A trail of pheromones, but my sense gone.

Pour them into a bottle, price sticker.

Saving my money so I can buy the world.

Then I’ll give it to you, no questions asked.

Do you want a receipt? Can’t take it back.

Efforts made to unhinge Pandora ’s Box.

Not knowing of the evil it contains.

Sacrifice the virgins. Cut out their hearts.

A proclamation atop the temple.


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