Fallen from grace

What do I need to make you look my way?

A castle, a kingdom, a world destroyed?

Have I not done more than anyone could?

Started behind, ran toward the front in time.

It’s still not enough. Not a single glance.

Not a smile or giggle. Second chance.

Transformed my size, my mind is better yet.

Secure, with flashes of competence seen.

Undervalued, not a diamond, just rough.


And the nothingness consumes. Hollow me.

A brush of her hand, a single thought shared.

Indicators unbreached, sunken in stone.

Wield the sword with so many questions still.

A warrior without battles and hope.

A flower on the wall, ground into paint.

Covers surface, but there’s nothing within.

Overlooked and unknown, can’t be worse here.

Gawks and stares, welcome more than the others.

It’s unfit, unclean, unworthy to you?

Understood and accepted, but no, why?

There’s a piece missing, I just have to find.

Encircle the world, let it out of sight.

Close with the enemy. He lies within.

Forsaken, unchosen. Losses piled.

A masquerade with nothing on his face.

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