not to be

I choose not to be. That is my answer.

I don’t want to exist. This is your world.

Make me invisible. Let me escape.

No haunting or roaming, please. Free my soul.

Desires, insatiable. Inside.

The cruelty, suffering, and pain. Outside.

A world eternal prolongs death and rest.

Slain angels, demons, gods, litter the path.

Reality imposed by the false ones.

The owners, holders, purveyors of slaves.

Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton...

Envisioned, unreal, many stayed silent.

Release my chains with a noose or the chair.

Misbegotten wants, I shall not falter.

Freedom attained, a merciful offer.

No charges, obligations, hopes, or dreams.

A lazy death for an unlovely life.

Petitions, happenings, all reactive.

Where are the wars of southern aggression?

Have the fighters been slain, given up hope?

Hoarded privilege, empires of self.

Loyal, betrayed, forgotten, surrendered.

More forlorn hope, the last to give it up.

The savior unworshipped, labeled as cruel.

Fraudulent masses, the rule of stupid.

Vision and changes. Everything denied.


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