The Creature

Don’t touch the creature, he must be filthy.

A screenshot from the film Creature from the H...

Don’t try to reach out your hand. He will bite.

Throw him in a cage and be done with him.

Hang a sign that says, “Do not pet or feed.”

Isolation. A deadly punishment.

Inhumane treatment. Worse than animals.

Ignore each other. Tend dogs who eat shit.

More valued than the company of man.

Boundaries observed, brotherhood broken.

The cat lady who has more cats than friends.

Human preference lost outside her house.

Bubbles of protection from the disease.

Spreading, contagious, eats our insides out.

It allows none to come any closer.

Fiending, worrisome, who could harm us next?

Paranoid solution. This is not man.

Nature teaches but nurture has changed us.

Flushing us down with the frogs and the fish.

Sunk below, we are trampled underfoot.

Apathy replaces indifference.

Is it true that no one cares anymore?

A pile of quicksand, an outstretched hand.

Nobody hears the man who is drowning.

His screams are murmured by television.

Entertainment to distract us from truth.

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