I refuse to be a commodity.

In my opinion, "Life being treated as com...

A thing to be used. Untrusted, abused.

I am not a product or skill on-hand.

Not a prize to be won. I am a man.

I have a life, and it’s not yours to take.

Give it away to others, huge mistake.

I become alien, don’t want to try.

No effort for others, it is my life.

I want to be valued, needed, wanted.

For things I can do, not what I possess.

I don’t want to give away everything.

Just to get nothing back but your profits.

I didn’t intend to sell you my skills.

Everyone needs them, we are all dying.

Wasting away from what can make us whole.

Aliens, butterflies, floating away.

I will leave too soon, and you can’t retain.

I have no purpose, is what I explain.

Reduced to a thing, not a part of whole.

Sinking below when I don’t see my worth.

Quantified by abstraction, I am more.

A human with feelings and my own soul.

Treat me like that, and I will give you all.

Nothing taken from me, just fulfillment.

Happiness inside because I belong.

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