Silent and unheard

Silent and unheard, the voice of my soul.

Weak and timid, can’t change the world like that.

Old, Weak and Pregnant

Old, Weak and Pregnant (Photo credit: Kees & Sarah)

Nobody speaks because nobody cares.

Exclusive events, no room for the whole.

Locked outside, so the screams cannot be heard.

Lack of care, lack of might. Close your eyes. Fright.

Alone and trembling, heart turns to stone.

Bring the terror when patience doesn’t last.

A lesson learned. Uneducated mind.

Cause and effect, and none to see the tie.

Let go of philosophy. Mourn his death.

Salvation attempted. A martyr scorned.

Protected unimportant, suffer, too.

Nowhere left to roam, influenced by storms.

Madness and destruction. The end is near.

Closer than you think. Burn your calendars.

Smiling and happy, wipe it off your face.

Murder done, favor won, burden lifted.

Till the fields until you remember us.

Broken backs made strong. Hand grips your throat now.

Choking for life undeserved at your best.

The cows come home, but the children are gone.

Still no end in sight, eyes searing with pain.

Crimes forgotten, but committed the same.

Nobody close pushes you off the ledge.


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