The Heroism of a Life

Monumento al Che Guevara en Santa Clara (frag)

Enduring heroes don’t need victories.

Highly romanticized, over-valued.

Their job is to inspire who comes next.

They represent an idea, a notion.

That it is possible to change the world.

Actions and circumstance lead us to war.

The status quo has not been overturned.

It’s been challenged. That is enough for now.

Someday a hero will come to save us.

For now we rely upon those who’ve failed.

Look at what they tried to do. They came close.

Young one, pick up the flag where they left off.

Embrace the struggle. Let yourself be changed.

Generations before you set the fire.

Now it is on you to make the flame burn.

You may not remember what started it.

You know it continues. Fight on, strong one.

If you stumble now, we will pick you up.

So that you may inspire the next ones.

You may not remember the interviews.

Or the speeches. The frustration lives on.

Give your all. More than victory is hope.

A martyr or a victor remembered.

Either way, you set the stage. Erase fate.

Show us the way. We will not live condemned.


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